Price for New Year Present (Fan Club Promo) Jumbo Card?

For those who don’t know:

Hoping to start looking for sellers in February to see if I can purchase one this year. Anyone know the price of these cards ranging from “Good” condition to “Mint”?

Thanks in advance!

I just sold a New Century Present(Celebi) for $80. I’d think $75 to $100 would be fair for nr mint to mint.


That card is the only Special Card that has eluded me. :slightly_frowning_face: Best of luck finding it.

$80-$100 would be a good/fair price.

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I sold mine for $60 EX condition

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Does the special cards like that exist without personnal details on the back ?

The Special cards in my collection, all have Japanese print and the Fan Club member number on the back. The 2 Tropical Present Summer Fan Club cards I have with “Trainer” at the top and fireworks with Ho oh are both blank on the back. They’re similar size as the Special cards and were sent out to Fan Club members in the summer of 2001. No idea why they don’t have any writing on the back.

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Thanks so much for all the information, folks! Fingers crossed I get my hand on one sometime this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, thanks.

Are the Special cards considered as mint despite the japanese print on the back ?

I consider the condition of the card itself. The print on the back is typed and doesn’t influence my assessment. I don’t know that you could find the Special cards without print since they were mailed to Fan Club members.


I think I have one or two without anything

Can someone translate the logo stamp on the lower right please

I was doing some research on this, do we know what the current estimated price on a LP version of this might be? I have no idea how to price this/how many were printed. Btw clicked on your profile and…Happy Birthday!


@mertz, you about to get the “don’t post on a 5 year old thread” but happy birthday @azulryu, LOL