The Time has Come, LTB New Year Present Jumbo Special Card!

So yeah, hoping I can obtain one of my most wanted cards for my collection:

Let me know if you have any leads or if you have the card yourself and are looking to sell.


Ugh been looking for this myself forever. Hopefully a few pop up soon

Hey @azulryu you seen this already? :wink:

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What upsets me about this is that he is selling them together when I only want the one. I cannot dish that money out for both cards.

Ugh, why did I have to try to find an apartment NOW of all times… My soul weeps!

But maybe this will prompt more people to put up listings for it. It seemed to have happened the last two months when suddenly No-Rarity Gyarados cards were popping up all over alongside Japanese Neo Shining Gyarados.

I’m going to see if I can contact him. Maybe make a deal of some sort.

But more importantly, THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME THIS!

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@azulryu I sent you a PM