Mission: New Year Present Card. Will You Help?

Over the last several months, I’ve had to decline two offers for the New Year Present Card. One was because of price, the other was because of condition not meeting minimal requirements for my collection.

I’m here today to ask for assistance in helping obtain one of the most elusive cards from my collection due to financial restrictions, bad timing, and bad luck.

I admit, I’m not sure if something this peculiar can be helped or is even allowed on the forums, so mods, feel free to inform me if this bends the rules too much.

Everyone, may I turn your attention to Exhibit A:


We all know and love @hapycakeoven here, and here is an auction I’ve been licking my lips over and slamming my head against a wall at the same time. He does not want to sell the New Year Present card separately. I do not blame him. I’ve considered purchasing the whole lot and trying to sell to break even and keep the New Year Present card. This not an attempt to promote him. I just want his New Year Present card. His delicious, tantalizing, Gyarados-fueled New Year Present card.

This is where you all come in.

I’m wondering if anyone might be able to assist me in making the purchase? This may involve one or multiple people.

My idea is as follows:

  1. Individuals who want particular cards will state what cards they want and name their price either privately or publicly.
  2. Once a final decision is made, I will tally the total and make an offer to him.
  3. If he accepts, I will screenshot the purchase, have him reach out to those involved to confirm said purchase and amount as to ensure that the numbers are correct and representative of our cumulative and agreed upon total.
  4. The cards will be shipped to me, by which I will keep only the New Year Present card.
  5. I will prompt for appropriate payment for those who want the cards agreed upon.
  6. Once payment is confirmed via paypal, I will mail those cards with FREE shipping, and will provide tracking numbers.
  7. Everyone is happy and gets what they want.


Once again, I’m not sure how much this may bend the rules, but I figured since I’m asking to BUY something, and looking for a unique opportunity to make a purchase, I would like to offer this opportunity.

And before anyone asks why I don’t just take the time to make a purchase and just take my time in selling the other cards. My hobby does not allow me to make a business out of it. I am not as prolific as others nor am I in financial position to invest. I figured this might be a good opportunity to present to other members as well who may be looking to obtain certain cards for their collection.

So yeah. Fingers crossed on this whole idea.


Hopefully you can get this card, it’s my favourite card featuring gyarados! Gotta say though I absolutely love all of the arts for the fan club jumbos!

Welcome to my hell, guess which one I’m missing… lol

IMG_5839 by Cujucuyo, on Flickr

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Ouch… In a way, I think that makes your situation more painful than mine. D:

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