WTB/T: Gyarados -- So Close Guys, Please Help!

I’m just going to post all of my current wants that I think are realistic to obtain but then again have been a pain in the ass to actually get in my hands. The best cards I have are some XY9 cards and some various stuff. I’m willing to give buttloads of uncommon/commons that I still have as a part of the buy/trade too. I will post pictures too as reference for the Japanese cards since visuals are a great tool to discerning what you have/don’t have.

So here we go:

All Cards Wanted in NM-Mint Condition Unless Otherwise Specified

For English:

  • Base Set Shadowless (Thin) 1st Ed. Gyarados 6/102 (H) Rare
  • Base Set Shadowless (Grey) 1st Ed. Gyarados 6/102 (H) Rare
  • XY Black Star Promo STAFF Gyarados XY60 (H) No Rarity*
  • XY Black Star Promo Gyarados XY60 (H) No Rarity*

For Japanese:

  • Rulers of the Heavens Gyarados 014/054 (NH) Rare
  • Melee! Pokémon Scramble Gyarados 006/016 (NH) No Rarity
  • Melee! Pokémon Scramble Starmie 005/016 (NH) No Rarity
  • Silver Deck Kit Dark Gyarados 004/020 (NH) No Rarity
  • Flight of Legends 1st Ed. Gyarados ex 035/082 (Rare Holo ex)
  • XY9 Rage of the Broken Sky 1st Ed. Mega Gyarados EX 019/080 (H) RR
  • XY9 Rage of the Broken Sky 1st Ed. Full Art Mega Gyarados EX 082/080 (H) SR
  • XY9 Rage of the Broken Sky 1st Ed. Full Art Gyarados EX (w/ Greninja & Manaphy) 089/080 (H) UR
  • XY-P “Pokemon Center Hiroshima” Promotional Gyarados XY-P (H) No Rarity*

For German:

  • XY Black Star Promo Gyarados XY60 (H) No Rarity*

* These cards I want in MINT condition for the purpose of PSA Grading and should be perfectly centered, no dings, whitening, or scratches. Looking for flawless cards and am willing to trade/buy multiple copies.

So yeah. Almost done with my main collection, guys. If you can help me in any way I’d appreciate it as I’m so incredibly close. I’m especially hoping to PSA Grade the XY60 promo Gyarados so I can showcase them. Let me know if you guys can help out in any way or have any leads.

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I have the Silver Deck Kit Gyarados :blush:

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Sending a PM!

I have the 1st Ed. Flight of Legends Gyarados, but it I’d say it’s Excellent condition because of edge wear, so I’m not sure if you’d still be interested :confused:

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I have a rulers of the heaven one!

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Sending you both PM’s! :grin: Thanks so much guys for the response!

I love when they make card art interact, such as is seen in those two Melee! cards. Thanks for including pictures. I’ve never noticed that specific instance before.

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@funmonkey54 , I have to give credit to @shizzlemetimbers who I believe found out from someone else pointing out to him and then informed me. Pretty great huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Individual Pokémon collecting is truly a mighty task. The depth of investigation required is best tackled with friends. :blush: Glad someone was able to help you get that much closer to a total complete list!


@azulryu just saw this, I have a spare melee!/scramble Gyarados from what I have bought on yahoo (still waiting for some cards to arrive) I have a few others as well if deals above fall through
Yeah I spotted that sneaky Gyarados when I was looking through the different scrambles as I saw in one of them it had a few different pokes in the background so I just looked through them all and lo and behold a Gyarados!

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@funmonkey54, you’re absolutely right. It makes my collection all that more meaningful too. The cards I receive with a story and a connection are more valuable to me than ones I just buy off of sites.

@shizzlemetimbers I’ll send you a PM!

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