WTB/Trade Non-Holos & Japanese Variants

Hey all, so I’m calming down on my spending spree after getting one holy grail which will be revealed (alongside other additions) once it gets here, but in the mean time, I feel I could throw a few extra bucks or do some trades for some non-holos and Japanese variants of the English cards I have to try to get closer to completing my TCG collection. Keep in mind, that for trades, I have very little to offer but am willing.

These are the following cards:

  • (English) Skyridge Gyarados 11/144 (NH) Rare
  • (English) EX Dragon Gyarados 32/97 (NH) Uncommon
  • (English) Dragons Exalted Gyarados 24/124 (NH) Rare
  • (English) Legendary Treasures Gyarados 31/113 (NH) Rare
  • (English) Team Rocket 1st Ed. Dark Gyarados 8/82 (NH) Rare
  • (English) Team Rocket Unlimited Dark Gyarados 8/82 (NH) Rare
  • (English) EX Team Rocket Returns Dark Gyarados 36/109 (NH) Uncommon
  • (English) Platinum Gyarados G 30/127 (NH) Rare
  • (Japanese) Mysterious Mountains Gyarados 027/088 (NH) Rare
  • (Japanese) Rulers of the Heavens Gyarados 014/054 (NH) Rare
  • (Japanese) The Lakes’ Secret Gyarados (NH) Rare
  • (Japanese) Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky Gyarados 017/092 (NH) Rare
  • (Japanese) Melee! Pokémon Scramble Gyarados 006/016 (NH) No Rarity
  • (Japanese) Silver Deck Kit Dark Gyarados 004/020 (NH) No Rarity
  • (Japanese) Galactic’s Conquest Gyarados G 028/096 (NH) Rare

So yeah, those are the cards. I realize that some of these are available on Ebay and such, but figured I’d support the community first, especially if some of you guys had more than like 1 or 2 of these to offer. Let me know and thanks!

@bagoly14, it’s frustrating because the Scramble card used to be available for about 12 dollars on Troll and Toad but when I last checked to finally get it, it was no longer available. :slightly_frowning_face:

I haven’t even seen a listing for the Silver Deck Kit Dark Gyarados so yeah, that’s going to be hard.

Yeah, they have Japanese cards in stock every once in a blue moon. Sad to see I didn’t get it though when the time was probably right to do so. :confused:

And yeah, I realize that it would split a set, but was hoping that people might have extras just in case, especially with the non-holo English cards.

Edit: Just saw your offer. What do you value the cards at or is shipping just expensive?

Edit 2: I see you bolded the last parts, are their alternatives in the Japanese cards that are 1st and UED? I know some cards are JUST 1st ed or just UED, so I want to clarify if there are MORE cards I should be going after.

Ah, well I’ll keep that in mind. Didn’t know you offered middleman services. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your honesty! If I decide to go with it I’ll PM you. Was mostly hoping to see if people had them on hand first.

Ugh finding non holo deck exclusives on the US market is frustrating. …

Pretty sure I have a intense flight destroyed sky if ya want it

Also a playing card and a sticker card im 99% sure you dont have yet :wink:

Basically @bagoly14 is the best. :grin:

But seriously I wish I had been able to keep those cards (or at least sell them to someone here).

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I have a spare E5 (Mysterious Mountain) NH Gyarados if you want it.

@uhwarrior70 feel free to send me a PM. :blush:

Well I may rely on your services in the future if you’re available to do so then. :blush: That’s awesome that you got that for Soulwind. :stuck_out_tongue: Even despite the jealousy! You can also bet I’m going to check out your video now too. :slight_smile:


Welp, I’ve subscribed to you now. So I’ll be ready to see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have these. Pm me :blush: