Lots to Trade, but is it worth it? Edit: YES IT'S WORTH IT!

Hello all!

So I’ve been thinking that one of the best things I could do is expand my collection via trading. However, I’ve come to realize that everything I have to trade isn’t necessarily wanted, so before I put in the time and work, I was wondering if any of you guys had interests in the following items:

  • TCG Cards mostly consisting of variations of Mewtwo, Volcarona, Alakazam, Nidoking, Scyther, and Scizor.
  • Stickers/Sticker Cards
  • Bandai Cards
  • Carddass Cards (Examples are Mew, Mewtwo, Scyther, and more)
  • Tomy Scratch Cards (I have a scratched Holographic Charizard)
  • Bandai Figurines (Currently have Mewtwo, Mew, Togepi all packaged)

If there is interest, I’ll be happy to revamp this thread up and put up a listing with pictures as well as a wanted list for myself. :blush:

Edit: Here’s some quick pictures I took of my whole lot with the exception of a box of uncommon/commons I can’t find right now:

Lot 1: imgur.com/a/l6Ud9 (Before you get excited, sadly the Pikachu Records don’t have the promo cards :slightly_frowning_face: and the Japanese deck boxes contain no cards)

Lot 2: imgur.com/a/S3Izm

I might be willing to trade/buy some bandai carddass cards. As far as trades I don’t have a lot of options besides extra base set cards and a bunch of mint legendary treasures cards. What are you personally looking for?

For the Red Monster Collection I have Holo Mew and Mewtwo

For the Pocket Monsters Collection Non-Holo I have Dragonair, Alakazam, Nidoqueen, Vaporeon, Electrode, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and some more common ones (I can list them if you’d like).

And for the Holo Pocket Monsters Collection I have Mew, Mewtwo, Aerodactyl, Scyther, 2x Omastar, and Articuno.

I also have a 1998 Bandai Carddass Holographic “Guest” Magmar Card.

As for what I’m looking for, specifically these (Ones with * by them are much wanted):

  • Shining Gyarados 1st Edition
  • Shining Gyarados Japanese*
  • Gyarados Gold Star English
  • Coro Coro Pokemon Snap*
  • Japanese Pokemon Hyper Sticker Collection - Holographic Gyarados*
  • Base Gyarados 1st Edition*
  • Skyridge Holographic
  • 1995 Topsun Green Back Pokemon Card
  • Gyarados ex Japanese
  • Any Misprints/Cuts/Errors
  • Any other stickers/flats/film/cards/unofficial items

And basically anything that isn’t in my Gyarados Collection. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I am interested in these types of bandai cardass cards (see pic below). Also I am a mewtwo, charizard line, mew, sandlsash family, cats, eevolutions, and gyarados collector. I’ve been called a super collector…going after most sets, and a ton of pokemon stuff but those are some of my faves and any tcg or other flats you have featuring them please let me know. AS for gyarados (maybe magickarp) items… I will check to see what I have, I may have some oddities. I do think I have at least 5 extra Legendary treasures English gyarados.


I have a lot of Mew and Mewtwo things as well as a few eevolutions and charizards (including a rare Tomy Holographic Scratch card though the back has a few boxes scratched out but otherwise is in excellent condition). I can take pictures of all of them if you’d like?

Sure when you can find time!

Okay, I have them all set up, I’ll try to see if I can take some decent pictures tomorrow and post them here so check back then. :grin: For the Bandai Cards Alone I have a Non-Holo Vaporeon, a Holo Mew, and a Holo Mewtwo. Bandai Carddass I have Mew and Mewtwo, and then a bunch of other TCG, Tomy, Sticker Cards, and Greek 3D cards of Charizard, Mew, and Mewtwo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok what I have that involves gyarados or maybe macikarp…
The sparkly recent Japanese gyarados in your collection, is it from the box-set everyones exciting battle or the victini sparkly movie blister pack set or something else?

for trade
well all i have left is LT gyarados by the handful!
I do have vhs mew vs mewtwo movie, which has gyarados, as well some books that have gyarados.I have UK merlin sticker card lots that may have gyarados, I can check if you would like.
I can also check through my own card collection to see if there are doubles…but it may be more magikarp then gyarados. I will see what I can find.

Not going anywhere but can take pics this weekend and share…
Japan- model kit - action figure gyarados
Japan- pokemon center - plush shiny gyarados
tomy - magikarp, gyarados, and a wanna be tomy-unofficial gyarados I bought mip in 1998

I will also check to see if I old packs with your faves art on them.

Okay so I’ve created a few different albums, 1 and 2. Forgive me if there are any extra pictures of the same card, I kind of took this in a rush on two different occassions. I had no idea how much I actually had left (and I still have a box of uncommon/commons somewhere that I’ve currently misplaced.

So feel free to check them out (I’ve also updated the first post to have these):

Lot 1: imgur.com/a/l6Ud9 (Before you get excited, sadly the Pikachu Records don’t have the promo cards :slightly_frowning_face: and the Japanese deck boxes contain no cards)

Lot 2: imgur.com/a/S3Izm

Which Gyarados are you referring to? Can you be a bit more specific? Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to see pictures of all the items you just described too. I’ve been looking for a few Merlin stickers too that feature Gyarados but have a hard time getting a few. Thanks!

Wow nice set of cards there! Is that e-reader Rapidash the corocoro one?

Soooooo, you know how I like to collect specific cards?

Apparently I didn’t realize that in one of the “random lots” I got, it had THAT in it. This thing’s going in a top loader because it IS the corocoro one and I didn’t even notice!

Haha gotcha well if you decide to sell let me know. I’m slowly filling in my corocoro collection

I’m definitely up for. Not a major fan of Rapidash. I could also do a trade too if you have any nifty Gyarados flats.

Upon closer look, it appears to be in pretty decent condition. I’d say anywhere from a high PSA 6 to a low PSA 8. I can take close ups if you’d like?

Ok you can go ahead and PM me with the pics. I don’t think I have any extra nifty gyarados. But I can check. If I did it would probably be a repeat of what you already have. I know I have a reverse holo legendary treasures gyarados I pulled pack fresh recently.

PM sent. :stuck_out_tongue:

@binx345, are you still interested in anything that I had to show?

Hey guys, is anyone still interested in anything I had to show? I was thinking of putting some of this stuff up on Ebay but would like to put it off in case people here are interested. :blush: