WTB these Gyarados

Love the HGSS Gyarados!!

Agreed! I got a Japanese one on the way can’t wait to see it!

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I wish I had extras of these to offer you, but sadly I do not. But if you’re ever looking for anything else, let me know. I have about 7 or 8 extras from my Gyarados collection.

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It is really, really hard to find random selections of a card in one place, unless a retailer has it.
Would you consider offers on pieces of the lot?


Just gotta say I have such big love for the skyridge gyarados artwork.


Yeah mate of course I’ll send you a message!

Really? I’m a massive gyarados fan but I hate that artwork haha

Updated on @funmonkey54 suggestion, as yes I would have to pretty much find my doppelganger to find someone selling this exact list!

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Found all but Treasures and Platinum