Jumbo Special Cards

Does anyone happen have or know where I can find the 5 fanclub jumbo special cards? I have included images for those who don’t know below! If anyone is selling, please PM me!! :blush:






Thanks! Ill drop him a line…those prices are crazy! :frowning:

I’m curious what everyone considers to be a fair price for these cards, considering how rare they are.

I would guess that fewer than 50,000 were printed, compared to hundreds of thousands of Corocoro promos. (I base this on my own Pokemon Fan Club membership number, which was in the upper 20,000s when I joined in 1999.)

In fact, I think these cards are probably more scarce than even the much vaunted Masaki promos.

$30-$50 tops would be a fair price, they’re rare but they’re just Jumbo cards after all, this is the price some have been going for on eBay, currently I’m only missing two, I won this set for around $80 and this second Snorlax for about $32 (buy it now price), I should have them next week or so in my hands so excuse the auction pics:

$30 is too low. If you market them properly they can earn an easy $50-75.

I would personally buy them at $75 each.

So, in general they are going for more than ungraded Masaki promos. That makes sense, given the rarity of the Fan Club jumbos. (Though I do understand why jumbo cards might not appeal to some collectors, since they are more curiosity pieces than proper TCG cards.)

Glad to see I got a huge bargain then :blush:

I’m basing myself on the prices I’ve seen on eBay, Yahoo Japan and the ones I’ve won along with others I haven’t. It’s a confusing Pokemon world out there.

It’s also difficult to find the Fan Club cards in good condition. They were sent in the mail as postcards (with the Fan Club member’s name and address on the back). Even though the Japanese postal service is very careful with the mail, postcards almost always get bent or otherwise damaged when shipped “naked.”

:sweat: Yikes! You have me worried now, hope mine are in good condition.

So, would anyone like to sell one to me? :blush:

I apologize for the thread highjack, once mine arrives I can probably sell you one of the Snorlax cards I will receive, I’ll let you know. :blush:

Hahaha no worries! I would appreciate it! Let me know when it does :blush:

The cards in the eBay scans you provided look really good to me. I think you scored big-time on this auction. :blush:

Okay! Thanks everyone!