Anyone got a pic of one of these?

Anyone? Sounds weird. ;D

Well, according to the description… there is no definite illustration because it’ll just be a picture of yourself. Don’t think anyone would want to sell a picture of themselves.

Also it was an oversized card… Should ask Daelum… he collects jumbo cards

Yeah, I’ve been searching for one of these for quite some time. They’re nearly impossible to find unless you live in Japan, or have friends there.
I would really love to see one of these, but I’ve kinda given up hope :confused:

I’ve only witnessed this card when it was promoted via updates for Battle Carnival 2012 (Spring). In addition, it came in a folder. Here are a few examples:

Yeesh, kid. Would it kill you to smile?

If you would like to glance through photographs from the event or obtain more information, you can check it out here:




Like Daelum, I have yet to see one for auction.

Very interesting! Thanks for those pics. ;D

@theeucollector - You’re welcome :blush:

Well who would put a card of themself up for auction?

I would have taken a series of plushes and had the pictures taken of them. Maybe 8 plushes and 4 photos of each.

I’d probably pay upwards of $40-$50 for one of these. They are extremely rare, yet very common at the same time. Very interesting.

@daleum… Just make sure you have a picture of someone hot… That would increase the value by x3 … If you get a picture of someone not so hot… It might decrease the value by 1/2 .

Interesting that the Secret Rares from EX Battle Boost are very similar

wait are u talking about the Japanese cards? i have like 4

This thread is regarding a very rare Japanese Jumbo Promo card.