Pokémon Card Game Trainer (BW-P Promo)

Okay so while I was compiling my Jumbo card checklist, I came across this on Bulbapedia:

Pokémon Card Game Trainer (BW-P Promo)

According to Bulbapedia, it is part of the Japanese Unnumbered Promotional card ‘set’ but the page has no picture.
I read the page and it said that the card was printed at a photo booth with each customer’s picture on it.

So, there are x amount of these personalized cards floating around but I have never even heard of the promotion, much less seen a card. Bulbapedia says it was tied to/similar to the Lawsons promos.

My question is not as much “what is this” but more so “who has this.” Has anyone seen one of these customized cards? Any pictures/scans?

Yeah there is an image on PTCG official blog… ptcg.creatures.co.jp/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/oka_blog0503syashi018.jpg …they were given out at the battle carnival.