Miscellaneous Promo vs Unnumbered Promo

Bulbapedia has unnumbered promos and miscellaneous promos on to difference list? why? and how to keep track of unnumbered Japanese exclusive art promos

I managed to find this on Bulbapedia: “The Miscellaneous Promotional cards are cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game that typically vary from normal prints in numbered expansions or promotional collections by featuring a special stamp or Holofoil treatment.”

Guess it’s for cards whose artwork already exists and it’s a variation, like a holo version of the card or some stamp.

The unnumbered promos was because the old Japanese promos weren’t assigned numbers like the Black Star WOTC promos were. They just don’t have an unique identifying number to search it up as. You kinda just have to know what promo to look up when it comes to that era.

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Bulbapedia is super faulty when it comes to the japanese part of the tcg