Misc. No Symbol Cards

Besides being included in the Best Collection CD Promo, where do these come from. Why are they missing a rarity/set symbol as well?.

Edit: ‘Unnumbered’ that is what I was looking for! There is quite the list. I want them all -,-


They are promo cards, not no-rarity cards.


Yes these are just part of the Un numbered promo series which was the first set of promos released, one have rarity symbols, the only set you can get from booster packs with the no rarity variant is the japanese base set.

No Rarity is a term used exclusively for the Japanese Base Set No Rarity Cards.

It is not a mutual term used for anything that doesn’t have a rarity symbol.

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Damn, was about to list myself on eBay as a No Rarity trainer.

Early promos, got it.
Missing Number, I like.