PokeDude Promo

I was looking on Bulbapedias unnumbered promo page and came across this card:


Does anyone here on UPCCC actually have this card or ever seen one? Also, any idea how much this card is actually worth?

I was just thinking about this card the other day! I have seen one don’t have it :confused: I saw one for $400 that Jimmy Hume had awhile back which I should of snatched up because I later saw one for 1,000 pounds from a japanese seller with low feedback.

It is from 2004 but I don’t know how many exist, not much is known about it.

Does that include Leaders’ Pokémon rather than VS too :stuck_out_tongue: (I quite like the nicknames we give cards, but this has most recently annoyed me when trying to find the 2007 Battle Road promos; Pal City is a stupid name that comes up surprisingly rarely when people list cards on eBay).

smpratte - are you telling me there are cards you don’t own? Shame on you ;D I don’t think its worth $1000, but then again, is that the only time its been on sale? Doesn’t Jimmy only put up duplicates of cards on his shop, so that must mean he owns one?

haha yeah there are a few that slip through :blush: And yes he does, I like his mentality I follow the same idea, only sell cards you have doubles of. He has a nice collection, here are a few
examples :blush:









so yeah Jimmy Hume rules! he has been collecting for over 10 years and been on ebay just as long, I still always check his store every week. That last link has his pokedude in it!

OMG he has Snap cards! And he lives in Blighty! Hahahahaha Scott screw your collection I’ll steal his first :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Does he have any of the other trophy cards, or no? There’s been a lot on sale, so either he’s slowing down or just needs to hang out here/PokeGym some more?

Finally, do you need a password to see his stuff on Photobucket? I want to see what other gems he has!

I don’t understand that though; the 2005 Master Kit CD lists the card, alongside pretty much every other card that was in existence up to the point of release. Does that mean that few people picked one up (the Master Kit I mean)? That’s insane… I mean it had pictures of nearly every card ever released!

Going back to the card, maybe it is worth lots if distribution was via the Fan Club. Urgh, yet another card to have to plan to get at some point :thinking:

FWIW I grabbed mine from Brian for $29.99 (maybe slightly cheaper). They were also on eBay too! (I hate middle man services for Y!J, I can’t seem to get decent searches going)

I hope that given this will be the 15 year anniversery, the release a sequel, on DVD so as to have proper scans. One can but dream I suppose…

Agreed! The middle man service is only good for a bargin purchase. Even if the item is cheaper on yahoo japan, the fees and the two shipping costs push the price up so much :confused:

My problem was more the searches, but it’s clear we’re dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

Going back to the original question, are we anywhere closer in agreeing on the value of this card? I feel we’re all going to pounce on the next one that turns up!

Scott, when you get to worlds explain to the Japanese sellers how much easier eBay is for everyone :wink: That way we don’t have to deal with Y!J. Or - we can get viper.fox to do all the searching ;D :sunglasses:

Completely agreed with viper.fox here. It’s just about being smart when using a middleman, don’t go after singles unless it’s a rare card, desperately needed, or a bargain, and more or less it pays for itself. I mean, hell, the prices on eBay alone are worth looking into a middleman.

For instance, recently I won a lot of Shining Darkness Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, and another listing from the same seller for Japanese Suicune ex, for 400 yen for each lot. With fees, conversion, and internal shipping, this would end up being cheaper than what I would’ve had to pay on eBay (which would factor in separate shipping from different sellers to boot), around $25-30 total. (The only seller currently selling all three Shining Darkness beasts on eBay has them at a slightly-overpriced $15 each and seems to reject offers any lower despite being listed with “Best Offer”, guh.) And this is just for not too hard to find cards, let ALONE what you could save with much rarer cards that you would expect to see on eBay for perhaps double the price.

The bottom line is, middleman is the best option for cards you either can’t find anywhere else, or cards you can’t find for a decent price on eBay. (What I define as a decent price is whether it’s cheaper than using a middleman. If it isn’t, that’s definitely when it’s worth using one.)

I think Cally hit the nail on the head when she said it took two years to get to know all the terms used for cards. I admit I’ve not spent a huge amount of time using noppin (which seems the friendliest) but have tried two strategies: one two just use ‘Pokémon card game’ (in Japanese of course), or just ‘Pokémon’. The other was to use very specific terms, e.g. for the 2007 Battle Road promos, or the 2009/2010 illustration cards.

I had a hard time finding anything decent. Maybe I was just unlucky. But the fact remains that eBay is just so much easier to use.

Oh and Sui Kune: I would contact that eBay seller directly. Unless the card is cheap, I usually get sellers to come down on inflated prices, which works over 95% of the time :blush:

haha its alright claire you’re always pleasant :blush:

And dogma I wish I could! I do have trouble searching as well, I always just type in pokemon cards and just go through everything but it is a pain, but then again its partially my ignorance with the language.

takes awhile to get use to how to find pokemon cards on YJ.so many words and all to just to find one specific card and most of them are listed either dp era LEGEND era or just others sooner or later there will be the B/W era.but i do wonder alot about this cause since it looks like those random unknown ones that people tend to overlook

LOL Cally you didn’t come across as blunt, you came across as knowing what you’re talking about! (Hence poor little Scott and I, having to use overpriced eBay to get our cards)

Any guide on terms would be good - but I’d put it in the members only section (I forget if we have one of those). If not, we should put one up again :thinking:

Yeah that would be so nice, and I don’t think we have one, I am sure we could combine our admin powers and figure something out :blush:

But really any help on translations would be awsome. I was just trying to put in pokemon trophy and that was a huge fail. I just don’t have a clue when it comes to the translations. For example I put in charmander from bulbapedia, they have all of the japanese translations, and it shows up on yahoo japan as human shadow, I have a lot to learn :confused: