Price Check: 17 Typhlosion

You know the one. The pop 5 in PSA 10 1st Edition one. This card never sells on eBay. I’m curious to know what people would pay for this card. How many people are looking to pick one up? What would you be willing to pay for one? I have one going to PSA that I believe to be a strong 10 contender, so I want to get a kind of picture of what kind of value I’ll (maybe, probably not) be looking at. I know a user on here is offering something like $2.5k in trade value for it? I’m curious to see what you all think since this is a quite unique animal. It has a weird balance of scarcity and popularity as a card.


I think the issue here is that you are essentially advertising the card here, by not making it clear that you would keep it, if it grades a 10…

As well as the serious buyers are probably going to pm you, or do a bidding war on eBay, rather than here, giving them a chance to get it for a bit cheaper

$3-3.5k range would make sense to me, obviously very very few people willing to shell out that much, so it is comparable to the yanma, yet it is difficult to account for the slightly lower rarity in combination with the probably higher demand

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I’m just thinking wishfully. If mine gets a 10 we’ll see what happens but I don’t have my hopes up. Frankly I’d be inclined to keep it. I am genuinely curious about the price of the card though since I haven’t seen it in a while. I was just describing my thought process for making this thread. Mine isn’t the subject of this thread; the subject is the 5 that exist. It’s been a while since I’ve heard about it much and I want to see what people think.

I think $3k is in the right range. Does anyone know what that guy with king in his name on instagram got his for?


Actually the $2500 estimate I’m using is from ebay, that card was pop 3 when charicific1992 listed it for $3000 and best offer was accepted. Still can be found from feedback section.

I think that’s the range what this card deserves, don´t see too many reasons to lowball with this thing since it’s one of the last main wants I have. Huge amount anyways because even PSA 10 1st ed. Lugia 9/111 ( something that many collectors consider flagship card of this whole set ) has only recently broke $1000 sales numbers.


Good luck, I have submitted a lot of Neo holos I thought were 10’s (including said Typhlosion) and they always get 9’s.