Pre-Base Set Test Print / Prototype Blastoise

I believe this card was discussed before if someone here can grab the thread link

Edit: Aaaand he’s gone.

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@bazaaretw do you know who else has had a look at the card to confirm authenticity & card stock/print matrix? I assume the back green circle has been checked with a loupe for the 4 dot L pattern, if that’s there then there’s no doubt it was wotc printed.

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Besides what is mentioned in the previous thread, the fact that it has a shadow, while not implausible to the back story doesn’t help. Other test print materials that we have seen don’t have shadows in them. I also don’t like that the evolution box wasn’t corrected with the foil treatment, again not implausible but I don’t like it with the back story as wizards corrected that with other test prints too.

Post magnification photos.

To be fair, Japanese base set holos had the shadow and the same foil treatment… so maybe it was on purpose!


It makes sense that WOTC used the CD promo design with the lightning logo since it was released in 1998, one year earlier than the supposedly English released.

If anything, you can say this was designed and printed post 1998, after the CD promo was released but before the English release in 1999.

It’s kind of annoying to get a good photo, but I usually take a photo through the loupe lens using my phone by holding it up close to the loupe eg:

I’m not giving the card any chance of being real without the ink pattern photos front and back. There’s a lot going against this thing that doesn’t make sense. From what I understand the only verification I’ve heard of is some people in the MTG community saying they think it’s real, and that its printed with the same cardstock WOTC used. I also don’t like the story of acquisition there’s too much distancing from the source.

I’m willing to give it it’s fair shot at being real, but without proper photos I don’t care about any explanations given.


The font type is something Pokemon would never use, can anyone say it is similar to any of the MTG fonts?

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So rare that no one would touch it verses so fake it’s rare. Maybe need a poll.

I’d like official word from various independent Wizard of the Coast / Japanese equivalents before it’s 100% confirmed real.

Indeed, my first reaction was rejection because it looks fake. And in the picture I first seen the back was not shown.

At the end without official documents or confirmation… We will see how it goes.

Isn’t there a mtg growlithe and arcanine card to ? So there’s no reason this can’t be legit

Not with completely different font and artwork


That’s true

And they were both German

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Those are italian pokemon cards with mtg backs. Ive seen a weedle before which is also in italian.

EDIT : They are German as post above mentioned.

Email Rudy at alpha investments and see if he would be interested in doing a video on it? He does videos like that all the time with magic and I think this is interesting enough that he would want to take a look at it! I think since this card is supposedly a prototype it should align more with MTG card stock and foiling like you said so I would recommend having Rudy, Tavis and/or Edwin look at it.

That would also bring a lot of attention to the hobby with his channel being as big as it is!

Perhaps in the end the only way to verify one of the cards is by taking apart the other one piece by piece and seeing if it is like a MTG/Pokémon card (same presses etc.)…

I feel people get too emotionally invested into the $$$ of cards on here which is causing some hostility whether they are right or wrong.

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I don’t care about excuses. This is a card that is fake until proven otherwise. Post the loupe pictures. It’s fake till I see proof.

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He is looking to see it fake. So if you provide close ups we can actually see if its real or fake. Its always a red flag to me when a forum asks for proof and more photos and the one with the card goes in defence insted of trying to help