Prerelease Raichu

Hey I just came across a interesting picture on Facebook on Virbank. Anyone have any ideas about this?

Most likely fake if its on facebook.

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hahah not always, I’ve had some good deals on Facebook. I personally would rather buy there than on a forum but being the card it is I was curious what peoples thoughts are on it as its a myth really?

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The font of pre-release looks shithouse

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Yea I was just talking to someone who said the same

Its a myth. No such card exists.
A few fakes have been shown around like the one pictured which only keeps the myth alive.


I will most likely see an authentic copy this summer and will take photos.

There is only one way to obtain a real copy. I can tell by the stamp placement this one is fake.


If you have a legitimate Prerelease Raichu, pray tell, why would you take a shitty picture of it with a Walmart receipt?


Please, father, tell us the story of the Pre-release Raichu. Maybe it should have its own thread?

I cannot wait to see this piece of history.

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This isnt mine just to let you know. As I stated I saw it on Virbank…

Here is the article of the exact copy I will hopefully see this summer. It was sold to a good friend of mine originally and then he sold it to another collector who I will hopefully visit.

Here is history on the card. I have met the individuals in this article, as well as other ex wotc members who have all verified the cards distribution.

With that said, there are a lot of fakes out there, plenty more than actual authentic copies. There is only one way to properly obtain this card, via an actual wotc employee.


I honestly started the “where are the collectors at?” thread out of purely wanting to talk more about collecting. I actually remember where I was when I had the idea, I simply wanted to just talk about collecting as everything was “is Uxíe playable”.

However, Will definitely had a role in moving the hobby in the right direction. He was a genuine collector and loved the hobby. We talked non-stop via email, almost every day. Those were some fond memories of pure collectors simply wanting to know more and collect more, especially the more illusive cards. He always talked about a gengar and Ho-oh trophy card (not the neo battle road) that he saw when he was younger. I remember even Mozz would want to find trophy/obscure cards we didn’t know about yet. I really miss those guys.

Anyway, that sale was historic and helped the hobby for sure. I remember at the time not fully comprehending how someone could drop that amount of money on one card, that all changed two years later. :blush:


I wish to know more about this mysterious ho-oh and gengar trophy card, two of my favourite 'Mon on one trophy sounds amazing!

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So cool.

I think you are doing just fine. :blush:

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If one of these Raichus ever do turn up I can get it authenticated. But, sadly, that will never happen cause there is no such legit card:(

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One day Gary! It is something I think about frequently! :blush:

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If I had saved up 20,000 and someone gave me a chance to buy it… and it was in Mint… I would drop those fat stacks in a second. I would make sure it was the real one through one of the peeps on here though first, and I would get them to handle it all for me.

So… I am no closer to understanding whether it (they) exist(s) or not. So many seemingly knowledgeable people on opposing sides of the fence.

You’ve got the cash… right? Throw down a $50k offer for one and send word out across the land. Cash will flush em out.