PokemonTrader's Collection, in a nutshell...

Oh great, about thirty images, and I have to upload them all?

I’m not scanning the cards I have for trade, or my master sets…

  1. Cards for trade change constantly.
  2. Master Sets aren’t complete.
  3. That would take WAY too long.

VS Cards

Falkner’s Skarmory is one of the most common VS Holos I have come across. I believe I’ve had 2 different ones.

I got Bugsy’s Scizor from a member off of pokegym. I know they have more but they probably won’t trade them anymore… (They ebayed em I believe.)

Where did I get Murkrow from? Maybe pokegym?..

I traded my spare Falkner’s Skarmory to Politoed666 for his Jasmine’s Steelix.

Sneasel was bought from a member on pokegym, GUERO51.

Blastoise came from youtube, from candymamm?(sp?)
The owner of cardfire.
Clair’s Politoed came from shpunto9 here :blush:

Various commons/uncommons…

That Blaine’s Typhlosion eludes me ;__;

Man… I wish the art for the new cards looked HALF as nice as these.

Both of the holos bought from GUERO51

Wobuffet, I’ve had 2… and still do… one was from youtube… That person that raichuforyou was talking about when someone else was asking about VS cards… The beasts were all from members on livejournal.

PSA 10 Lance’s Charizard - Thanks smpratte for letting my get this graded! Crystal Nidoking is extremely damaged, from a trade with my cousin. Meganium came from LJ, a member named kyogres. Jumpluff was from a trade last year with waynegg on pokegym.

evilmind2 and silverishness traded me this Misty’s Politoed a while back… :blush:

stop2shop deal on the jirachi half deck :blush:

Remanding cards from the jirachi deck. Manaphy deck from shpunto9.

Manaphy deck from shpunto9

Bought the 2009 Movie Premiere Packs from amazon… I had a full set but that has since disappeared… need an arceus still ;__;

Pichus :grin:

Missing one card ;__;

Bought these back when they were like $15 promos because they were “rare”. Then of course Walmart stocked them. Oh well I sold most of em by now :blush:

Cofagrigus and Dialga were gifts from a friend, who went on exchange to Japan. I pulled Mewtwo EX and Kyurem EX from 2 packs that an exchange student gave me for Christmas :blush: Her and I played sports together (curling).

Tropical Wind came from Politoed666 in a trade.
The French and Italian Tropical Beaches came from a group auction on livejournal.

I was considering not uploading these… Because of Dragon Vault…


Meloetta and Keldeo were from denkimouse, owner of sunyshore pokemart, and a mod on pkmncollectors :blush:
The star pattern doesn’t show up. Fighting Meloetta was from another member on livejournal.

The best part! :blush:

Hope you all enjoyed my fail collection…

Very impressive. :blush:

YES! Finally! Your collection thread :rage:

It’s beautiful if you ask me :heart_eyes:
I don’t really know anyone with such a passion for VS cards like you, so it’s great to be able to see a bunch of scans like yours.
Also, congrats on the PSA 10 Charizard, and when/where did you get the Illustrator?!!? It’s awesome :grin:

Nice collection! Especially your collection of VS cards! I’m pretty much in love with the VS set so I enjoyed reading your little blurbs under each picture. Hopefully you can complete it soon enough!

Thanks for sharing :blush: I really like the VS set in seeing all the scans you’ve uploaded. Maybe I’ll try to add some of those cards to my collection in the future! That and the Web set would be very cool!

I can do better scans of each if people want?
I mean I shrunk the scans to 25% of the size…
Illustrator Zorua was from a Group Buy on livejournal…

I have updates to do today! Lets just say a pokemonmike’s package has arrived.
I also need help choosing some cards to get graded so I can get some easy profit…

I’m lovin the VS cards! You’re so close to completing the set!
I got like half the set from candymanm for about $50! Great person to work with. Also got a bunch of the holos from Guero51. He’s definately the person to go to when your looking for something. I also purchased the Faulkner’s Skarmory from politoed. I wonder if it was the one you traded him :stuck_out_tongue:

So you bought all of candymanm’s cards :stuck_out_tongue:
Still need a few of the main cards… xD