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Hi all,

I love the collection threads on the forum so thought I would start one as well. Currently I have a few goals that I am working towards.

PSA 10 Scyther CollectionIdeally I want every variant of both the English and Japanese cards - if they decide to grade Jungle in various languages then I would like them too. Currently have 12 in the collection with more on their way to PSA this month.

Scyther Master CollectionAfter some inspiration and help from @quuador I have started compiling a list of all available Scyther cards in all languages - I’m not confirming their existence until I find a picture but it’s been fun hunting for the various confirmations on the different Official Pokemon websites and various translated forums and auction sites. I’ve managed to find some from Germany in NM condition but these aren’t as forthcoming as I thought they would be.

The Scyther Master Set

L-P Promo #001-#079After finding and grading the Japanese Scyther Promo from the Reviving Legends Release Commemoration Tournament I found that the artwork on this set of promo cards are amazing - you have a nice amount of shining editions as well as really scarce cards such as the Master’s Key and Scroll. It’s a long off goal but I eventually want the entire collection in NM+.

Tashinao AokiRecently I’ve also really got into the artworks from Tashinao Aoki - it started with seeing the Misty’s Treatment promo card and, while he only illustrated 39 cards, they are all awesome. I have zero of his cards at the moment but it’s payday next Friday - will update this next mail day.



So after some awesome PSA returns and a couple of eBay additions I thought I would update my L-P collection on here. Originally I was only aiming for NM+ for this set but, it being new back Japanese, I’ve found the majority of cards in stunning condition so I’ve upped my goal to a PSA 10 set. Bonus points if you spot all the label inconsistencies/errors.

It’s been a good 2018 so far (minus Liverpool losing in the Champs League) and I’m so pleased with how this set is progressing:

Johto Starters - Various Releases

HeartGold & SoulSilver Collection release campaign

Gym Challenge 2009 Holo Energies

Pokémon Card Game LEGEND Battle
Have both the participation and consecutive wins prize, still looking for the Copycat (Winner prize)

Domino’s Pizza Exciting Pokémon Pack

Pokémon Battle Challenge: Knockout Battle
Still need the Victory Medal (2 consecutive wins prize)

Reviving Legends Release Commemoration TournamentStarting to think the Burned Tower (Winner prize) doesn’t exist :sob:

Lost Link Release Commemoration Tournament

Get in Battle! Summer Vacation Battle Campaign

LEGEND Perfect Set

Misc. Participation Prizes/Packs

Still a fair old way to go, I’d love to cross off the Master’s Scroll and the remaining Primes (Raichu, Espeon and Umbreon) later this year.
Not evening thinking about the key…
Have a great day guys.


The LP set is one of the most beautiful looking sets in terms of artwork with the most winner/prize/participation cards in a set. The HGSS border also made the set much more aesthetic. Such a Johto-rich set. Best of luck in completing the set! That Lapras is a stunner :blush:


Great start towards the promo set! Pleaseeee sell me gyarados 004/L-P :wink:

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Beautiful cards!!! Also, Real Madrid Champ League champions!!! Stop rooting for the wrong team :stuck_out_tongue:

If I could have thumbs-downed this I would have! Haha, next year…


They were quite literally gifted the game after salah was taken out and karius’ two mistakes, if salah was on for 90 mins it would have been a completely different game.


Woulda Coulda Shoulda!!

Loving the idea of this psa Syther and master set! One of my favourite pokemon :blush: beautiful cards!

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Thanks for showcasing all those L-P promos, I didn’t know I liked them so much, especially the ones with the stamps on them.

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