Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration

What’s the source? Does Pokebeach have a good track record for leaking non-Japanese card info? There’s no way they would have inside information for Japan, but a rogue European factory employee I can imagine. I need the receipts that they have claimed to have discovered.

YES please!!! :pray::pray::pray: Woohoo~!! :laughing:


That artist who did the Inkay and Ekans is probably a great fit since their style is already similar to Van Gogh.

Hey it’s never about me.

Mew × Starry night is great too!


If this is true we are probably going to see the mass sell off of Moonbreons to fund this new Moonbreon right?

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How about this Generation 3 pair?;


Butterflies and Poppies - Beautifly

Giant Peacock Moth - Dustox


Isn’t that what you guys wanted - Moonbreon 1.0 crash to $100 for Moonbreon 2.0 card? :rofl:

Be careful of what you wish for! :zipper_mouth_face:

As for me, I’m cool - keeping my Moonbreon regardless of its value. :sunglasses:


This should be interesting. Curious to see how the promos end up and if they are similar to the stamp box promos. 10x retail to buy but still mich more expensive now.

Oh, this is awesome. I cant wait to see these promos :eyes:

Just to temper expectations a bit; The Starry Night is in the permanent collection of the New York City Museum of Modern Art, and thus not on display in the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum. I wouldn’t be surprised if that Sunflora is the only card we’re getting (alongside merchandise, of course).

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Nobody really “wants” that, it’s just easy to predict that modern product can be replaced for the next shiny new thing :).


This is not a moonbreon thread :x:


My fault! I think everyone needs to temper their expectations a bit. The fact that their has been no leaks yet makes me somehwat doubtful. Surely the pokemon company would announce the cards before the event goes live?

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In before it’s Special Delivery Pikachu clip art standing outside the Van Gogh Museum.

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“Wheatfield under Thunderclouds” is a potential one as well, as Pikachu and Eevee were seen running on the wheatfield and the clouds started to morph into Van gogh artstyle :smiley:

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Still no leaks yet. Cards are either the best kept secret or they dont exist. What do you guys think? The more days without a leak, the less hopefull i get.

Idk if there is going to be a merch announcement near or on the same starting day of the event (like Mischievous Pichu) , if at all

1 week to go, might as well wait it out

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I would expect any official announcement / information today, as we are exactly one week away from the event date.

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A dutch pokemon store has heard rumours about 5 promo cards for this campaign being eevee, pikachu, cubone, sunflora and snorlax. Still nothing is sure, but I think there will be promos.