Pokemon Scrap Cards coming with XY5


Doesn’t seem all that important at first glance, just some code cards that don’t have much relevance outside of using the code. However…

“There are 50 different Pokemon Scrap cards and each feature a different image on the front”

Sounds like it will be a cool little TCG related, but not technically TCG, set of cards to collect.

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Similar to what isseen in the furious fist korean box, some advertisementstyle cards. But there are different ones.

Nicer than justthesimple same card, yet not anything I would get into though.

nice for misc/side collectors I guess

That’s actually a really nice way of going about it. Card and Game lovers get to double their collection for the price of one. :grin: Nice Shaymin access too.

Yesssss. Overlap the products. Do it. Bwahahaha.

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It looks great.

This is a stupid question, but has Japan included code cards previously? I know they include those gray/white inserts, are those code cards? I have thrown out easily over 2,000 of them…

I look on those black/white info cards every single time a new set comes out, never seen codes or anything on them.

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Any release of which Pokemon will be featured besides the ones mentioned?

I NEED the special cards!!!

I really hope to pull all five from my two booster boxes…*o*

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Aren’t there many more? Are the ones in the boosters different from the ones that have been out already?

There are 56 in total I believe and I don’t know anything about the ones that aren’t from boosters.
But I want all Pikachus! Having the whole set would be cool as well…

Here’re all designs:

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Ah cool! Thanks for the ebay link. I have been particularly interested in this set for the 5 special cards but havn’t ever seen a complete set for sale!

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Can’t wait for these code cards!
They are running down the value of my boxes even more :grin:

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