Pokemon Pick 'N' Mix

So I was browsing through various images looking at Espeon Art when I stumbled upon this(some of you have prob seen it 100 times ) now obviously as it takes Espeon’s beautiful natural colour away,to me it’s meh…

However it got me thinking what Pokemon would I put together or like to see ‘mixed’ if it was possible then I also got thinking about a Yugioh +Pokemon with a Dark Magician Girl Espeon or Girl Espeon whichever way really ,Maybe them Orica Magicans can work something with that =p

My thoughts never really surpassed anything without an Espeon so I thought I’d ask you guys/girls for yours .

Feel free to give reasoning on why you would ‘mix’ them

Just reminded myself I forgot to mention in that what else do you collect thread that I collect dark magican girl cards

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Will have a look shortly

There is an artist that does amazing fusions, here is her tumblr;


The art is beyond amazing!

Edit for an example;


Freakin awesome, here’s my fav of the bunch (Goldeen + Milotic)


These all look great! That ho-oh/espeon reminds me of a sphinx loads! The goldeen/milotic and altaria/dragonair look fully amazing, especially that milotic!