If you could make your own team up card

If you could combine the artworks of two cards what ones would you pick to make an awesome card? What slight alterations would you make if any? I came up with this question as I was thinking of designs for a custom playmat.

Luckily for me my 2 favourite cards would make a really good match on one art. Gold star rayquaza vs gold star charizard. Both would be facing eachother with charizard firing a flamethrower at rayquaza and rayquaza looking like its dodging the heat. A slight adjustment would be blending the already dark backgrounds of both cards to make a similar backdrop. Both are shiny black dragons as it is. I think it would be a sick card.


mew and mewtwo would be sick as a tag team. Feebas and magikarp too


Theyre cool pairings but what artworks of those would you choose to combine to make a single art card?

I think Naganadel and Meltan could make some magic together.

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@rattlebear did you find the secret tumblr of @pkmnflyingmaster to get that image :open_mouth:

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I thought he was just sending me unreleased art.

Alolan Exeggutor + Mankey


Dont you go tearing this tag team apart with sass like that buddy


Looks like you were close

Metapod +Kakuna LOL


I will love to see those two together!


Alakazam + that one pokemon that looks like ice cream. Could have some funny artwork with Alakazam trying to eat the other pokemon with his spoons


I would die for Salamence & Rayquaza GX! *-*

Or maybe Salamence & Flygon GX combined with similar style of art like on these Ex Dragon Theme Decks:

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I actually drew a picture last month of a team up between Blastoise and Kyogre. I still need to color it though. I’ll post it when I get around to finishing it up :stuck_out_tongue:

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Charizard & Weedle

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Arbok & Weezing in a new Team Rocket set!


Shiny Virizion&Leafeon Tag Team please :butterfly::pray::leaves:

Omanyte and Pidgeot

I will go with a card with Eevee supported by all the eevolutions. =)

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