Cards that "vibe"

So i’ve heard this term thrown out there for groups of cards that just go well together, particularly with the Trophy khan/Unikarp combo. Wanted to see if anyone has any other cards that ‘vibe’ well together :blush:

Here’s mine:


I can’t post a pic right now but Rayquaza* and Mewtwo* are a good looking combo. I get a very powerful vibe from those two.

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he JR Rally e-reader cards all make a big picture together.
EDIT: Here is my incredibly crude recreation in paint:


My favorite (although to be fair, they were also intentionally drawn this way):

Cue the Powerpuff Girls theme song.



Just thought of one.

The Skarmory, Ho-Oh and Lugia trio.
I’d post it but I’m busy studying :slightly_frowning_face:

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Back when I used to have these cards (before selling them long ago), I always loved these two together:

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I like the top one. Its interesting to see cards from different sets which match well.

I’m not sure… I did see someone who placed the old ground / fighting type pokemon holo cards together, which go well nicely, i.e kabutops, hitmonlee (fossil).

Also the Japanese vs set, I love how they break that up into a few cards done by a particular artist. I think they had different artist work on a small number of cards for the Japanese vs set. To make like mini sets within the set where artwork style would look similar.

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Yea i love that about the VS set. each human character had their own artist. The same goes for each T promo set :blush: :blush:

I want to see the full illustration!! the gaps bug me so much


hmm i thought for sure youd post something more like this @azulryu

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I am glad to see someone posted the southern island set! Probably one of the more obvious choices but one of my personal favorites!

@smpratte, it’s one of mine too. It’s also a huge thing of nostalgia for me as it was the first Japanese card set for me that featured a new Pokemon. Pikablu! I mean Marill!

Funny thing is, I almost did, but figured it was too obvious what I’d think “vibed”. XD

I loved the southern islands set and would have chose them, but if I had to choose an alternative, it would be these:



Wow, those dark type Pokemon are amazing together. I love Dark / Ghost / Psychic types the most >.<

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Heres a few more nice ones :blush:

Ah, I always loved the classic look of that Charizard. Early era style and drawn by good old Ken Sugimori. Nice additions!

Do the WotC promo legendary birds (21, 22 and 23) and the T promo legendary birds form pictures? Each trio seems like they should be able to form a single image but I can’t find any online anywhere.