These team up cards look great & I love the combinations

I’m pretty stoked for this set. Anyone else? I like that it’s focused on kanto pokemon / characters from gen 1.


that magikarp is SWEET


Agree, i think it’s going to be a really fun set!
I got a few of the Snorlax/Eevee promo’s (Japanese versions) - hand drawn kind of art, really cool :blush:


I do like them alot honestly. I’ll be getting that magikarp for sure

will the hand drawn Japanese ones also be released in English? the one that focuses on magikarp looks so good

Love the full art Ooyama magikarp card one of my faves!

I see this as an iconic set, up there with the golden era. The Tag Team art and the SR variants rival the greatest art in the hobby. I hope this kind of greatness continues and the sets receive high praise in the future.

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