Apr 27 - May 3, 2014 - University Magikarp

Universit****y Magikarp **


Classic! This card is excellent in so many ways. I love Sugimori’s artwork, the perfect use of golden ratio and of course the unique story behind it. Everybody who owns one of these can consider himself very lucky. However there is one thing that bothers me a little, in my belief cards of this magnitude should be holographic. Anyways it is a fantastic card and if the oppurtunity presents itself I might decide to buy it one day!

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I actually really like how this card is not holographic. It gives it the feel of a “common” card which seems right as it is a lowly magikarp. The fact that it is so rare and limited along with the common esque design makes this card especially unique, at least to me it does :stuck_out_tongue:

How many of these were produced?


According to this 30-100 is an estimate. Heck even if there were more, I’d love to get my claws on one, but their prices are astronomical. I agree this card is amazing because it seems it should be a lowly common and yet is super rare! I also love the artwork on it! I feel I’ve increasingly become a Magikarp fan the longer I’ve been on this forum.

One of the main reasons why Magikarp will never be a truly aimed for collection of mine to complete–I already have difficulty with getting a particular SNAP card, don’t need any further trouble!

Either way, one of my favorite arts on an epic looking Magikarp. Reminds me of the episode of Pokemon where a Magikarp completely kicked Pikachu’s ass!

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the snap cards are why i never started an articuno collection lol


Amazing artwork. Ken Sugimori did Magikarp justice on this card. Just so *bleep* hard to find in mint condition because everyone loves Magikarp. :blush:

I think for those with collections that have a card in the snap portfolio, you just have to decide to exclude that card from the collection. Its just too unrealistic to get your hands on one. Besides I would be insanely impressed to see a collection of any of the more popular pokemon with all but the snap card!

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To be honest I wish it was a little less rare and was positioned down in the more $100-300 range so attaining one would actually be possible. I mean ya part of the cool factor of the card is how rare it is but a lot of it too is its artwork.

@timewaster1700 - thank the pokegods for the webseries reprint!

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Still hoping to get one of the Web copies some day. :slightly_frowning_face:

I think this is the only Magikarp I’m missing from my collection (except the Snap one which, like others mentioned, deserves an asterisk).

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Haha that’s true! I’ll have to get my hands on it. Of course its a catch 22 because since that one isn’t that rare it loses some of the desire to it. That’s always the tough part of collecting is riding the fine line between a card being rare and giving you that satisfaction for owning it and yet being common enough to get that the price is attainable. But indeed the Web one is still really cool. :blush:

hit the nail on the head ^^ the web magikarp provides the artwork but its most definitely not the same

thanks for all your input guys - i requested this card to be “card of the week”

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