University Magikarp - Holo or not

I know this may seem stupid and I’m sure its not a holo but the header that appears on the top of UPCCC often shows the Magikarp as a holo.

I just want 100% clarity

The header was Photoshopped. The real card is non-holo.

I was wondering if the header is actually taken from the Pokemon Web version of the Magikarp card. I don’t know much about the Web cards, as they were released after I had stopped collecting. Were they available as holofoils?

Some of the web cards are holographic however the uni-karp is not one of them. There were no holographic university magikarps ever printed. Bluey Photoshopped the holo layer onto Jason’s scan.

I figured but i was so stumped i thought id make it 100%. ive seen a few for sale and never seemed holo

Eh, yeah I Photoshopped the Uni-Karp in the banner. Sorry about the confusion, but I think it looks better holo. :wink:

I have to agree.

I wish it was a holo would look even more awesome.

I actually really like the non-holo, I don’t know why but I have a thing for rare cards which are non-holo. Then again, it looks super badass holo :stuck_out_tongue: I wish there was a holo and non-holo version!

I wonder what some other neat cards would look like holo. Like Toyota Pikachu/Arcanine would look soooooo cool holo. Same can be said for a lot of old unnumbered promos, most of which were non-holos.