July 17th - July 24th - Pretend Gyarados/Magikarp Pikachu!

**Card of the week - July 17th - July 24th, 2015
(Milhouse remembered to actually do COTW Edition)

Pretend Magikarp/Gyarados Pikachu

We desperately needed more Pikachu Promo cards, and I am not usually one for the cutesie type cards like these but I think they are badass and really cool ideas for some Full Art Promo Cards. These come in a special box that was released to coincide with the opening of the Hiroshima Pokemon Centre.**


They are pretty awesome cards; I just wish that the Pikazard Y card from a while back would’ve been released as a Full Art as well for consistency’s sake.

My OCD is not okay with this. :slightly_frowning_face:


Maybe that will happen wit pikazard X, which will be more badasss


I love these, I don’t know about anyone else though but my cards from my box have a tiny bit of damage on the bottom left corner, like a light bubbling effect, it’s only tiny though? Sucks cos they will definitely come back as 9s if I got them graded.

A set of these arrived for me 2 days ago!! so nice! I usually only collect pre 2004 cards, but had to make an exception for this one. so badass.

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I love these cards. Like absolutely love them.

I can’t get over how creepy the Magikarp hoodie looks. The combination of Pikachu’s head being instead of his mouth + those vacant Magikarp eyes o___o

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You lucky duck. Still waiting on mine so we can submit lol

I have had mine for a week.

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I probably would have had mine within a week of release if I paid for EMS. Instead I opted for Air Mail.

My comment was made because @kkthxbai lives close to me.

I’ve got two sets, but I’m hanging onto them to grade until I’ve got a more convenient financial position to operate out of. Even if it costs me a little resale buckage on the spare set.

I’m very happy with them. But I could go without the holofoil. Would prefer a thicker/sturdier card with just the texturing like with the XY era FAs.

I ordered these cards as well just so different that I had to buy them!

Someone post pictures or scans! Stock photos just don’t do them justice. :blush:

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it would have been cool to have the bubbles randomly generated on each card to make them unique.

But i have no idea what I’m talking about and that probably would be impossible lol

WOW! SO much better than the stock photos!

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They’re very pretty! I suggest anyone who wants a set buy a set. :blush:

One of the best cards released in a long time! Their price continues to rise steeply, especially for the sealed box. I remember one seller on ebay doubling their price overnight

I have my set sealed and will eventually PSA grade them.
Love this set.