Pokemon Liquidity During Pandemic

Rudy says he was wrong about MTG liquidity. Evidently some big players in the vintage MTG space have pulled down their buy lists, and there may be a substantial uptick in people dumping.

My question to y’all, if this happens in our market, now or later, will you stay the course or will you dump?

Just sell on eBay


Stay the course. :ship:


I encourage panic. The more coronavirus scare, the better.

Let me know when you’re ready to dump rare cards. :heart:

No one has reached out yet, though. :thinking:


Within the TCG, there are cards where 25% of the market for sale would mean like 10 to 50 cards hitting eBay.
Nobody should sell in a free fall scenario if they don’t have to, but overleveraged people probably have not bought said cards anyway. I always ask myself what people who are in just for the money buy and try to stay away from that, until they choose to dump it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, in any case, Efour:


Stay the course!

I like many around here are lurking in the shadows waiting for:

A) prices to drop.


B) people to sell based on fear.


Rudy is a very smart business man. He’s playing his entire community regardless of how he makes it sound or presents it. Don’t be fooled. Just buy for what Rudy will pay.


All the prices I’ve seen recently on the cards I watch have consistently been trending up. No effect so far. We’re all waiting for the drop while others are continuing to pay record prices!


That video got me hype.


I could see people selling some cards to invest in the stock market. Not necessarily fire sale but list cards they normally wouldn’t for market value.


Isn’t this due to stores closing? I saw tcgplayer had a message about mtg direct being unavailable until mid April. Figured it was due to the quarantine restrictions.

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I will stay the course. If anyone wants to sell me half priced or 25 percent off cards I need let me know haha. Everything will be fine those that want to panic go ahead it just makes things better for us buyers. Price over time will still go up even if there is a dip for a little while. It would be the perfect opportunity to do what they tell you in stocks. Buy low sell high. But in my case I’ll skip the selling of cards unless I’m on my death bed but even than I’d rather pass them on then sell at a discount. Even the highest priced cards are still in my opinion too cheap for how old they are or rare. Another example of bad pricing is what is the cost of the pack? If holo’s are 1 in 3 times that total by 3. Even with perfect luck a lot of 1st edition holo’s for example are a lot cheaper than the cost of 3 packs even if the card is mint condition not PSa 10 obviously. Some cards don’t follow this but most cards are far less than 3 packs which makes zero sense to me as is. Than factor in how hard it is to find whatever old pack were talking about. End of the story is its mind blowing and makes no sense. If I was giving advise even if your in need of money I’d only sell the bare minimum to get by until you rebound and no longer need to sell. But to each their own

Liquidity can be dynamic. It increases as the discount below “market value” increases. Liquidity of auctions is higher than BIN, unless that BIN is at or below perceived “market price”. If I listed my scroll at $3k (or less) BIN it would have insta-sold (highest liquidity). Listing it as a true auction allows me to get actual “market value”, but at the cost of waiting 7 days, as well as potentially seeing a “market value” fall in that timespan. Liquidity is high as long as some moron doesn’t tamper, which there is always the chance of with an auction.

I always try to put “market value” in quotes because it is an abstract concept, not a fixed thing.

E.g. at 99 cent 24 hour auction almost everything will move. You just may not like the prices. I find auctions fun, especially when I auction off stuff that should do well, especially in comparison to the price that I paid which is the case for most on my current auction block.

I hope we see a lot of auctions over the next several months as it will be fun. I see a lot of people saying they are ready to buy, and so am I, but I still predict we will see a short term dip/correction/retrace/drop whatever you want to call it over the next several months for most of the hobby.


Very good points. If things drag on for longer than expected then I could see some people willing to let go collectibles they held onto for years.

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People get way too rigid IMO with concepts of “market value” and thinking things need to forever sell higher than the most recent sold. That has often been the case the past few years, and people have been spoiled by it and are just assuming it will go on forever. The optimism I see sometimes borders on lunacy and its a bit scary.

Just remember it’s probably something like 90-95% of graded cards owned today are owned at a “profit” given current “market prices” (current price is higher than they paid). Also remember, a lot more people than you think are running near paycheck to paycheck.

If I needed the money, I could sell for quite a large gain, my entire collection of PSA 9’s that I assembled a few years ago even if today’s “market price” crashes 50%. If it came down to feeding my family, paying for my car, or keeping my house I sure as hell would, too. I don’t see myself getting to that spot, but I do see a lot of people getting there if this is a prolonged recession.


@gottaketchumall, That’s a great point about liquidity! One of my favorite memes is “I dOnT BuY TrOpHiEs cUz ThEy AreNt LiQuiD”.

Your Master scroll example is perfect. If you cut the price 25% it will sell in a heartbeat, and above most LiQuiD cards in the hobby. Most new individuals misunderstand no collectible is truly liquid. And liquidity is only a concern if you are overextended. Even selling property and most physical assets requires patience, as they aren’t liquid.


I have very little in actual value. (other than senitmental) A gold star, and some ex’s, so I’m personally keeping them. It was the plan to keep them all along anyway.


In Rudy’s voice: STAY THE COURSE


Literally quoting this because it can’t be said enough.

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