Pokemon GX TCG Mechanic


I like the card design.

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So Pokémon have no more HP :stuck_out_tongue:?

Why would they hide the Energy cost of the GX attacks? New type confirmed? Or maybe they don’t require energy but something else? A special tool card or so?

I’d guess that the HP for the cards aren’t finalised yet, and maybe energy costs aren’t as well.

It seems a bit silly to only have a once per game attack from a meta standpoint. Using up deck space and turns for literally a 1 off is a lot of commitment.

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hmm i find it strange there is so much writing all over the art. hmmms. That it stands out so much on the masin attack - like where it says LUNAR FALL.

I dont know though, maybe it will look better in japanese.

Better than break cards


Ohh for sure… Is this break card tier replacement… thats cool then. I thought it was like a GX full art or some crap.

So much better then breaks if this is the replacement. tiz pretty kewl.

Im not sure about how the game works or what this mechanic stuff is.

More info on official site:

Cool artwork:


hmmms so you can only use gx attack once per game, and it sounds like you can destroy opponents in one hit… WHich means its Op.

Here are some higher quality images posted for convenient viewership.

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Everything after 2007 is bad and will always be bad.

Kidding. These look to be a nice improvement from the BREAK cards.

Really don’t like the look of them. Hated Break cards, don’t really like these much more. The Full Art look is nice, but they feel busy and the borders are blah. I know its not a final card, but eh.


Too much stuff going on. I feel that design doesn’t show off the Pokemon enough. Good thing I stopped buying cards.

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Wasn’t sure at first but these are pretty cool. Interesting to see how it will affect gameplay. I think the GX attacks are really cool - it allows you to get out of certain situations.

You can still use the other attacks. Art is cool. I’m just hoping for some awesome Galaxy holos. EX’s and full arts are decent but I feel like holos aren’t as important as they used to be!

Edit: apologies for the overuse of “cool” :sweat_smile:


I’m not too happy either with what we have seen today, really wish other card designs from Sun&Moon are shown during world championships as well.

This looks Wicked awesome.

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Is the black-goo-looking-thing all over the card part of the artwork? I hope that’s just there to cover up some secret stuff about the card (until its official release or something)–not too keen about that addition :confused:

Those are the most hideous things I have ever seen. They look like digimon cards :confused:

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I swear, I’m away for four hours and Pokemon drops like 50 news bombs…

Initial thoughts on GX Pokemon:

I’m glad they changed up the mechanic, we need something new and I think Pokemon-GX are perfect. They add a new aspect to the game while still being a chase card. I can’t judge the art right now as it seems that its not final. However it seems they’ve changed the layout which was a big hope of mine for Gen 7.

I hope we’ll get traditional full-art versions of these, my main complaint with them is they’re too flashy. Full Arts were beautiful because they weren’t too insane (FA Megas, maybe) and these just scream CGI. I hope all GX cards aren’t like this and if they are we get some more elegant Full Art versions.

Overall, great idea, super interesting new mechanic, I just hope they do the art right and don’t ditch FAs.


So… does this mean that EXs are done?

Yeah, I think your comment sums up exactly how I feel. I like the actual card design and layout - not too fussed about the Pokemon artwork. Hoping we’ll see some much better artwork for different Pokemon using a similar card template.

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