Is full art the future layout for all Pokemon cards?

As the title says, is full art the “future” of Pokémon cards?
At first we only had ultra rare full arts but now we even have common and uncommon ones. I personally like the full art layout but if you had it on every card it might get old.

What are your thoughts?

Ive thought of this before, and its a hard question to answer. Theyve always changed it up after a while, but full arts are still being made. I honestly cant think of a replacement for them, though im sure everyone was the same way before full arts and before lv x’s and before exs/gold stars. Im sure theyll be around for another few years at least.

It depends on trends in the market. I suspect the Full Art had come in response to the success of anime card games that feature art across the entire card. We also know, though, that too much flash can kill a game. Kaijudo struggled with that. So my hope is that it won’t extend much further than it has, if at all.

Personally I love the Full Arts, anyone who has spent any amount of time on this forum knows that.
I don’t think they will be around forever, there will always be another new or re-done gimmick they bring up that will be more popular than FA cards.

ex cards got replaced by LV. X for a while, and then came back in the B/W era as EX. So I wouldn’t be surprised if FA cards went away at some point in the future and then came back after they have exhausted or gotten tired of whatever replaced it.

Just like @funmonkey54 said, it’s all trends. Ace Spec were a relatively new concept when they were brought in and they only lasted 4-5 sets. Ancient Trait cards are new(and awesome) but I think they will only be sticking around as long as OR/AS are the main focus(or a Delta Emerald/Pokemon Z release).

Another determining factor is them running out of cards to do Full Arts with. Granted now they have really only scratched the surface in terms of ‘deserving’ Pokemon to get FAs, there are PLENTY big names left that deserve their first, or even second round of FA(Mewtwo and his Megas). But it will get to a point where the Top Tier and even Mid Tier Pokemon run dry.


Theyd better not stop before suicune becomes a full art. Still mad about that.


I wouldn’t mind if they changed everything over to the Full Art and/or Ancient Trait size… the only thing that would make me peace out is if the artwork all changed over to the FA CGI style. Don’t get me wrong, many of the FAs look great, but there would have zero appeal to me if everything became that.

I think you have to keep some visual element of similarity between new cards and older ones to make them recognizable and something older fans can be nostalgic for. I personally hope we always keep a few cards with the standard-esque layout.

I think as of now, it’s a great idea and still in its prime. There were tons of certain ex cards (Rayquaza, Groudon, etc.) and also tons of certain Lv. X cards (Garchomp comes to mind). Eventually we will probably see a drawdown in the amount/type of full arts, and maybe their disappearance, but I think that like EX cards, they will be here to stay for awhile.

They certainly look cool, kinda psychedelic, but just way too busy for my taste. They become a blur with little distinction…like an acid trip;)

I can see them trying this.

Full arts are quite appealing. I like that they kept the same format they have always used (HP, Attacks, weakness, etc) but make the entire card worth looking at. I think it looks better than just a generic color background. Of course the old cards will always be #1

I actually prefer the Ancient Trait style cards. They look fantastic and still enable a quick glance at their typing by having half of the attack portion still mono coloured ish.

I really wish the English cards would piss off that fugly yellow border. I just think the Japanese cards look far superior with grey borders.

Am so close to giving up on English and focusing solely on Japanese cards.

That new HA Rayquaza EX is exceptional though, much nicer than the FA imo.

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I really like the white bordered Japanese cards of the 1st ex and then DP era. Now, I could see a really pretty border being like HGSS but instead white border with flecks of subdued green in it. Perfect for Emerald anyways.

Although some full arts do look amazing, the novelty will wear off very quickly if they keep doing it. Being an old fart, I would happily go back to the designs of my childhood right now. Nothing these days can even come close to team rocket, neo, fossil etc. Why not focus on having an awesome piece of pokemon artwork, rather than wasting half their time on trying to make the cards as glittery and explosive as possible.