Pokemon First Edition Mint Condition Full Sets

Looking to sell these for $2000.00

This includes all of the other full sets (Jungle, Fossil, & Rocket) as well!

I started building my personal card & comic book collection in 1988 when my son Michael was born. I stopped collecting and I just stored all that I had. I was reorganizing storage and found all of my sets. I was very obsessed when I was making them (LOL), no matter what it was, I had to have the entire set. I’ve never touched them except by the sides to put them into the plastics. I then kept them all in ideal temperature conditions, which hasn’t been too hard being born & raised here in California. I also knew enough to use only the best plastics!

I was pretty amazed when I just opened one binder and found this entire first 4 sets of FIRST EDITION Pokemon cards that I had saved. I would buy thousands of dollars worth of these cards to play the game with my boys, which was a blast. But I always kept one complete set in mint condition, that nobody could play with, just look at, in the binder. There is only one card in the Fossil set (#9/62) that I did not get first edition of but the card I do have is in mint condition as are all of them! This is a Pokemon collector’s dream to have all of these together in one collection!

I even have Dark Raichu (#83 of 82) in the Rocket set.

We have pictures as well if anyone is interested!!

Aaaaaaaw… I hate to be the one to break this to you, but $2000 is a little much for the first four sets, even if they are in English (the English sets were way harder to piece together than the Japanese ones).

I doubt UPCCC is the best place for them. I would try your luck on eBay if you want to get a high price for them. Good luck!

Thank you for the feedback as I appreciate it. But do you happen to know anybody who has all 4 of these complete sets?

Realistically you are going to have to expect half of what you are thinking. There was a recent sale on the base set, which is by far the most expensive, here is the auction.

The other three sets (jungle, fossil and rocket) are all on ebay for less than 100 a piece. In fact two are up for auction, one at 11, one at 0.99.

$2,000 is a price that you would get if it were the year 2000. Right now you would get high hundreds for everything, maybe a grand.

base set is the like only one you will get alot of thats about it.like others have said jungle fossil and rocket 1st edition sets wont really go high its more of the booster packs will but the singles wont.i do know someone has gotten every set 1st edition from base set to neo destiny and so forth.

I do and a good amount of serious collectors do! Completing sets is not the most difficult task, especially with ebay’s dense selection of english cards. The most difficult aspect of collecting is obtaining and affording the prize cards.

While these sets are nice they are not that difficult to complete. Like I posted before, the last base 1st edition set went for $590, the others can be purchased for under $100 each.

I think you can sell the sets but you would have to come way down from $2,000. High hundreds would be a realistic target.

Yeah, plenty of people. To be fair, the vast majority of members here have cards which are far harder to get (and more expensive) than the first four English sets.

Full disclosure: whilst I don’t have many English cards now, I used to own the first four sets before I got out of Pokémon the first time.

Again, we appreciate the feedback. I built this brand new before anybody knew they would be popular, but so me & my boys could play the game. But I saved complete sets prior to putting the extras in single plastics & making decks to play the game. These original sets were never played with & I got them all straight out of the boxes. So not sure if they would grade as P9 or 10s and if so, what that would do to the value of them?? I also know that the last 2 sets are not that valuable, I just though the history of all 4 being made over the years, would make it more appealing to a collector. Thanks again for all of your feedback!

Look to be perfectly honest I have purchased multiple 1st edition sets. Multiple base sets with the same description of never being touched. Majority of the cards graded 8/9. I would say mostly 8. Getting a 9-10 grade is quite a feet especially on 16 cards. It is typically done by getting a boster box that has never been opened and then grading those cards after opening them from a pack.

You should list the sets on ebay! I don’t think you will get a sale here especially with that high estimate.

Oh one other piece of advice - try to get the first ed card in Fossil that you’re missing. Maybe someone here has a spare they can give to you…