Price Check 1st Edition Fossil, Jungle, Team Rocket,

Hi everyone hope your all doing well.Today with the low supply of cards on troll and toad and eBay it’s hard to find accurate price data.I was hoping the efour community can help me price these sets.These are raw cards to put into binders.
Near Mint Set 1st Edition Fossil (Holos Only)Near Mint Set 1st Edition Team Rocket (Holos Only)Near Mint Set 1st Edition Jungle (Holos Only)Near Mint Set 1st Edition Neo Discovery (Holos Only)
Thanks for your time.

Most are probably between $700-1000. The prices can vary drastically as some of the auctions are because the cards look mint/gem mint candidate. If you are the average eBay seller, not TCA or other well known seller, you might not be able to command top dollar.

im trying to buy not sell lol. but thanks. selling is easier because u can fish for offers.

@kagome, With collectibles, condition determines the values. You must be buying these for someone else since you didn’t mention condition?

nah i buying for my binder set. the condition i want are near mint for all cards but i need more peoples opinon on how much i shud pay before buying. btw king pokemon u got me into the hobby from your pawn stars video. thanks!

That’s great. Thanks for letting me know.
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