Approximate Completed Set Values

Hey all! I’m almost completely new to this forum, but the little I’ve read has been eye opening and interesting. I just wanted to get some knowledge of the average market value of the following completed sets. For the condition of the cards I am just going to be saying that they are all near mint with a few, mostly the non holos, being mint. I’m going to post the set and then post what I understand to be the value of a completed set in near mint. Thanks for all of your knowledge!

Base Set (Unlimited) $120
Fossil Set (First Edition) $275
Fossil Set (Unlimited) $100
Jungle Set (First Edition) $225
Jungle Set (Unlimited) $100
Expedition Base Set $600- I had difficulty finding ebay sold listings for this set
Team Rocket Set (First Edition) $325
Team Rocket Set (Unlimited) $150
Gym Challenge Set (Unlimited) $225
Neo Genesis Set (Unlimited) $150
Legends Awakened Set :thinking:? no idea
Sandstorm Set There was only 1 sold listing on ebay and it went for 165$
Platinum Base Set Once again, I was unable to find this on ebay. Could it be that newer sets draw less attention overall for collecting the entire set?
Mysterious Treasures Set 1 sold listing- went for 100$
Secret Wonders Set 1 sold listing- went for 100$

I know for the rarest cards, you guys use the forums to monitor value. But for more common cards and sets, is checking the ebay sold listings the best way to analyze value? Thanks for all input!

are you buying or selling? If selling its best not to sell nm+ in ungraded sets imo

Well technically I’m selling some of those sets, but honestly more curious than anything. I use eBay sold listings but wasn’t sure if you guys knew of better/different ways to price them

Yes, eBay would be your best guide.

Thanks zelda!


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Cool, thank you. My name is werner

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