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Hi all:

I always have my own opinion of value, but I would like to hear everyone else’s. :blush:

These are some sets I will be selling (not here, please do not post offers on this thread).

  • Black & White Collection BW1
  • Red Collection BW2
  • Hail Blizzard/Psycho Drive BW3
  • Dark Rush BW4
  • Dragon Blade/Dragon Blast BW5
  • Freeze Bolt/Cold Flare BW6
  • Plasma Gale BW7
  • Thunder Knuckle/Spiral Force BW8
  • Megalo-Cannon BW9
  • EBB + EBB RH BW10
  • XY Collection XY1
  • Wild Blaze XY2
  • Rising Fist XY3
  • Phantom Forces XY4
  • Gaia Volcano/Tidal Storm XY5
  • Emerald Break XY6

Can anyone help me out with values? Everything is mint/gem mint, first edition, and includes all SR/URs.

If anyone has advice in selling large amounts of sets – please PM me! :grin:

Best regards,

@hisoka107 @smpratte @garyis2000 @milhouse

I’m sure one of these individuals can help :blush:

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Thanks as always! :blush:

To reiterate – I do have my own opinion of values but I’d like to hear from others to avoid bias.

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U prob already know but always combine postage if you’re going to run auctions and don’t use GSP.
Your best bet would be to find someone who wants to get into collecting japanese to buy everything at once, although that could be kind of difficult.
Sorry but I have no idea on values as I don’t collect JP.

I appreciate the advice! I build S&H into the list price since eBay grants 5 stars in that category for sellers follow that practice. Otherwise, yes, GSP basically eliminates potential to sell international.

Thank you so much for posting friend. :blush:

I think you’re prices are okay. A little high but they allow you as a seller room to make more of a profit with offers.

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Thanks! I actually put those eBay prices above my target since I needed to start listing things on my days off work.

I really appreciate the honest evaluation. :blush:

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