Should I open these Booster Boxes or not?

Hey, I have some old Japanese booster boxes and I’m wondering if I should open them.
My goal is to either sell the box or sell cards individually, whichever gives the highest profit.
However, I have no idea what these boxes are worth
Any info on prices would be really appreciated!

Theme Decks from Gym Series:

Base Set booster box:

Jungle Set booster box:

Fossil Set booster box:

EDIT: Found another one, Gym Challange:

Holy smokes… Keep them sealed. The first picture is 2 theme decks from the gym series. The first box is Base set, the second is jungle and the one with the legendary birds is fossil. They’re decently rare boxes from what I know. You’d make more selling the boxes then the individual cards.

Thanks for the info!
Do you have any idea on the value of these?
I’m selling my whole collection so I’m looking for info to put in my advertisements as well as prices.
I’ve collected so many years ago, so I basically forgot what I have, a lot of it is Japanese which makes it harder to find.

By the way, if anyone is interested in buying, just send me a PM!
Also, could you please take a look at my other thread?
It has a large part of my collection listed and I would really appreciate if you could give me some info on a few items if you know anything about them. :blush:

EDIT: I dug op another booster box, this time an English one, it’s the Gym Challange series.

I’m more of an old school English collector, so I unfortunately don’t think I have enough expertise to give you prices on the Japanese stuff.

But as far as the Gym Challenge booster box goes, I value it around $150.00. One sold on eBay back on March 2nd for $175 and it’s been the only one for a while. So you might be able to get more. :blush:

I haven’t seen any Japanese Base Set boxes in a LONG time.

The most recent Japanese Fossil box sold for $300, but one also sold for $200 a couple weeks earlier.

There hasn’t been any recent Jungle boxes sold.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge on the old school Japanese can give you more solid values. :blush:

Thanks for your prices, how do you get those prices of things already sold, if you don’t mind me asking?

I looked at the completed listings on eBay.

Yeah, checking completed listings on Ebay is a sure-fire way of getting an accurate and relevant price range for your items :blush: I do it all the time aha!

Thanks guys, didn’t know about this option!
I’m an old school guys and I don’t think eBay had this function back then, very useful.