Sealed (German) Jungle Booster Box

Should I buy one?
I’ve already got a complete jungle set and I’m not into collecting sealed booster boxes but the price is sweet and I could use at least one copy of each of the different pack arts for my WOTC booster collection (and maybe resell the rest?). Now I know there is a German jungle box on for $140 but shipping and import taxes would probably make the same price plus it would take a lot longer for the box to arrive in Germany. Any advice?

If you just want the three packs, I’d hold out for a set of them. Seems like a lot of extra work to buy the box.

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I think I do that, thanks!

How often do the packs show up, though?

There is a set of the three on eBay right now. I guess I can’t really give a straight answer on the frequency, but if this option is literally available right now, it just seems all around better.

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Well, they do from time to time. The guy actually opened one box and sold 36 packs individually but I missed it, now he only has English single boosters left. I should still be able to get them any time soon. Are you just beeing curious or are you looking for foreign packs yourself, cause I still got a lot of packs that I don’t really need…

Thanks, that is perfect!

I was just providing a counter thought :stuck_out_tongue:

:blush: anyway, if someone else needs them let me know!