Japanese BASE/JUNGLE/FOSSIL SET 60 Booster Box

I will be taking offers on this Japanese Base Set booster box, as seen in the picture above (taken by me).

I’ve tried to find this box on eBay but did not get any results, remember that this box has 60 boosters and is factory sealed.

I live in the Netherlands and international shipping shouldn’t be a problem.

You may offer in this thread or PM me if interested, I might also put it on eBay in a while, but I’ll be sure to tell you guys when I do.
Of course, this community gets the best treatment, so that’s why I’m trying to sell it on here first!
Please, only serious offers as this is a very rare item.

Thank you and have fun bidding.

Highest offer: $250 (~€200)

Update: I’ll also be selling Jungle and Fossil Booster boxes, these are also factory sealed and have 60 boosters inside!

Jungle Set:

Highest offer: $ -

Fossil Set:

Highest offer: $ -

I also have 2 theme decks, Gym Challange, sealed.
You can bid on these separately or they can be added in a bid on one of the boxes as they’re pretty small.