First Edition Base Set - Complete Set - NR Mint

Hey everyone,

I have scouted out a full 1st edition base set, holofoils and all! It seems to be in NR Mint condition as listed, what do you guys reckon a fair market price for this is? None of them have been graded, I cannot find too much information on the bay or other outlets,

Anyone has any thoughts, would be much appreciated?



$~3k as evidenced by:

But if you could have an actual look at them this could vary widely if near mint bordered upon mint or gem. Also if NM turned out to be excellent or not. The big 3 can swing this a lot whether in PSA 7 or PSA 9/10.


definitey recommend viewing in person if possible


I would be absolutely certain the card are NM. I get tons of messages from people who stumble upon their old collection, and the famous line is “straight from pack to sleeve”. Majority of the time the cards are ex-nm. I always assume the cards are a grade lower than what they state.


Okay thanks for advice, maybe I shall try going to physically seeing them before purchasing, he is offering them for around 3000 dollars so if condition is right, I’ll have to have a think!

Yeah three starters could be worth that alone if actually pack to sleeve and kept up nice. Then again if just these three have dinged corners, small creases or other issues that may be hard to see in photos you could be struggling to get your money back.

I notice eBay especially has issues with the words “excellent” and “mint”. Sometimes mint is used to mean it simply isn’t ripped in half and spat on. Then again sometimes I have bought “good” or “excellent” cards that were just about gem/pristine.

Seeing this in person if an option is the only way to go. Good luck.

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And let us know how it goes!


I have paid 1750 for a set that was 60% mint and the rest looked like 6s-8s. Mostly 8s or higher. My most recent was a mint set for 3500 with a psa 9 1st ed zard. Only 1-2 of the holos 10 worthy… But nonetheless I could profit from that if I wanted. Base set is a rather tricky set to come buy in psa worthy mint conditions especially with the centering on the holos being the worst WOTC set ive seen for holos. Other than that good luck.