Basic 1st Edition Complete Mint Set +

I pulled my box of old Basic 1st Edition cards from the closet and am probably looking to liquidate. All of the cards came right from packs into penny sleeves. After compiling a number of sets back in the day, the remaining cards (~800, but includes about 150 energy) were put in a box and closed up since 1999.

Part of the collection is one complete set including a number of errors (red and yellow cheek, Blastoise, Kakuna, Bulbasaur, Caterpie, matapod, Sandshrew, Voltorb, Vulpix). All of these are in penny sleeves and top loaders and are in new condition.

What would a complete set like this fetch ungraded?

I was considering grading the complete set - understanding that it would normally not be prudent to grade many of these cards. However, if a complete PSA 10 graded set of Basic 1st edition came available, what would it be worth?

Would any of the cards lower than rares be worth grading?


would you be willing to sell your 1st Edition Base Set ungraded?
You said every card is 1st edition and mint (meaning they would fetch either PSA 9/10s)?
If so, I would offer $1000 + shipping. LMK.

Apparently your set ungraded can fetch $1000 + shipping

I would say grading the commons and uncommons is overkill, but its personal preference for the collector. It would really increase your cost too.

If you grade it and mark up the price, you’ll wait a long while before you sell it. The PSA sets on ebay have been there for over a year now I think.

If the set is truly mint it can earn $1,000. If there is whitening on the back the cards are not mint.

“You said every card is 1st edition and mint (meaning they would fetch either PSA 9/10s)?”

Yes…all are 1st edition and each card was removed from a pack, put into sleeves, packed in a box, and literally have not seen the light of day in about 13 years. I can’t imagine why each would not get a 10. This is sorta why I’m even considering grading the whole set. Any mark on any card came from the publisher that way.

Its interesting that the $1k price point is what the sets we created back in the day went for. I will certainly save your offer Lotti

“If you grade it and mark up the price, you’ll wait a long while before you sell it.”

Thats sorta what I was figuring. It may add an extra $700 or so (not sure what current grading rates are), and result is something of an over-the-top set. But given the nature and condition of the set, its somewhat over the top already. I certainly am not in a big hurry to dump the set or others. It sounds like the card market is in something a slump matching overall economy. That said, I’m not willing to grade all just to do so. That’s mainly why I’m looking for the advice. When I do get rid of them, I want to do so in a way that maximizes the collectability as well as the value.

Thanks for the feedback all.

The card market is definitely not in a slump. The prices on 1st ed base are higher now than they have been in a long time. If you are comparing prices to the “golden era” from 1999-2001 then you will always disappointed.

Also, pulling a card directly from a pack can grade in a range from 8-10. I have done this numerous times and I typically receive a 9 as an average.

Was taking pics, so thought I’d share the good bits


7 times out of 10 a pack mint 1st base or shadowless card gets a 9. 2/10 chance it gets an 8, 1/10 it gets a gem 10. They’re ridiculously hard to get on those cards as even the centered ones usually have poor quality cuts or random printing errors that will at least drop it to a 9 or maybe worse. And don’t even get me started on how many are off center! It’s ridiculous haha.

I’m sure a lot depends on when a pack is opened. Cards from a pack from 1999 opened today are not going to be as good as cards from a pack opened in 1999 and individually preserved since then. Likewise a pack from a retail environment are going to be more susceptible to handling damage than a pack opened from a box opened from a purchased case of cards

Of course, bad printing can’t be mitigated…but as a series these seem to be very well printed cards

I bought packs straight from a sealed booster box that was just opened therefore in the same condition as those opened in 1999. Those were the approximate results I obtained and it was overall a poor experience that I don’t plan on trying again! It’s unfortunate really but it keeps demand and price high :blush:

I have over 100 PSA 10 1st base holos?.. But I must have Pregraded over a thousand mint ones just to find them lol. 1/10 is a normal ratio