Pokemon Cringe

I wouldn’t be upset if signings were halted forever


Oh gosh… :rofl:

Was it Arita’s fingerprint? Haha, I doubt it though.

I am also looking to buy these cards at 75% market price


There’s a LGS that actually has a pretty decent selection near me. Out of curiosity I brought a few cards in a while back to try to sell. He offers 40% last sold on eBay for under $500, 60% on over $500. Maybe that’s standard ops for a LGS, but I thought he was joking around at first with his offer. I know he’s there to make money but come on dude.

And the crazy thing is he has a decent selection of graded cards. I guess if you really need fast cash that’s one thing but I don’t know how he gets any inventory offering 40 or 60%.

That’s how they all operate. And the best collections and stuff come in from people who don’t know anything/don’t care. It is curious how this model has remained effective though since in 2024 everyone knows Pokemon is worth money and everyone can check eBay.

But most people are just happy to get some cash for stupid cardboard I guess. On IG I have no idea how it works because you’re advertising to people who know and care about pokmeon

I’ll add that when I buy collections (not as often as I’d like to) I have to offer essentially tcgplayer prices minus fees to even get people to bite. There’s a lot of options. And the deals that go through are always with people I’ve gotten to know over the years and they just don’t wanna get ripped off or list a bunch of cheap cards. Makes sense in this scenario imo but idk how stores keep the lights on if they rely on randoms coming in with good stuff that they don’t care about


You’d all be surprised how often people don’t think to check online for prices and furthermore how many people that do can’t be bothered to do the whole operation of selling and shipping online. To us it seems so silly to lose out on ~30% value or so but I do recall a time where the prospect, never having done it yet, was daunting.

So to those people, they think of it as a convenience fee. Granted if i ran a store id be very happy having my mark up be just like 10% (so accounting for 20% fee ebay id offer 65-70% on high demand items). Running a store isn’t easy, this was the same thing with when i used to manage a record store. Unsold inventory is part of the whole thing and it’s hard. Though i dont deny that some of these owners (like in phoenix especially) aren’t doing this very well.

My best friend who is very business savvy can’t be bothered and has given me many things to ebay for him for a convenience fee of about 10%. Expensive things too.


I guess a lot of people also get themselves in a situation where they need cash immediately, be it how low percent of the real value.

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I think there’s a big difference between offering 60% of last sold on bulk cards and collections, and 75% on some of the most sought-after cards in the hobby. Offering 60% last sold is fairly standard for most LGS operations, but they do that because they’ll buy mostly anything, buy in bulk and offer you a solid amount of cash for your cards.

This post would be a lot less cringe if they said something like “buying all Japanese PSA 10 cards 2k+, offering 75-80% of last sold.” That at least presents some kind of benefit to the seller. But when you’re limiting yourself to only ridiculously low-pop, high-demand cards and on top of that offering well below market value, it is just pointless imo.


Beggars can’t be choosers.

If you wanna buy collections at 75% you can’t limit your options to PSA 10 shinings lol

Especially with the eBay vault there are no fees. You can’t say that the 75% is good after eBay fees. eBay vault is amazing I honestly think it could kill standard consignment or severely limit it


Ours does 75% market for in store credit and 60% for cash. I feel like thats fair.


Yep, that’s solid. It wasn’t even the 60% that threw me off as much as the 40% for below $500. I had PSA 9 WOTC holos I had duplicates of I was trying to get rid of. I legitimately thought he was joking with his offer.

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Stores hate slabs

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Wow nice read description :roll_eyes::joy:

Are you the type of person that needs to start investing in Pokémon? Tea with GaryVee - August 2020

TLDR 2:25 minutes in

Gary: Nick I didn’t even know you were the first guest, you heard what I said?
Pokerev: The 1st edition Charizard PSA 10?
Gary: Holo. Shadowless.
Pokerev: That’s the king.

Cool a holo 1st Ed Charizard. Much better than my non holo.


Live Chanseys??? I’ve been dreaming of this moment


The Chanseys in question

I wonder if it is because I searched for shadowless Chansey


You’re gonna need to watch your back with this bad boy lurking around


Found the person who bought this cringe


Ugh. Some of these are so demeaning to make artist do, it makes me die inside with clueyness for them.

I will never understand people who have a complete lack of sentiment, as if everything is a game, even other people. What a way to spend your short life.

Some I actually think are fun, lol. As long as they’re requested for the fun!

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