pokemon collection aquired

so i finally turned 18 in april so my dad gave me the pokemon collection he had been making for me since it came out. the problem is, is that i would like to get them appraised and have no idea where to go. what i do know though is that they are extremily good condition cards. any help would be greatly appreciated

EDIT: i went to a site and found prices. since i have all the old sets and they have all the cards theyre around 300- 500 per set but it didnt say anything about the promos and other cards i have /:

Take a picture and link us so we can see the cards


there they are

Looks like you’ve got a complete Base Set. If the card are in NM condition, that’s an easy $100.

Then you have a solid amount of promos as well, but I don’t really know their value.

yeah sucks they all arnt 1st other wise it be worth thousands

Out of curiosity, are you planning to keep them or sell them? Was your dad a fan of the cards?

im keeping those specific ones but i have some extras id be down to sell want me to take pics of them?

The 3rd and 4th picture down from the middle has some nifty japanese promos - your dad has exquisite taste. I can give a fair estimate on some of those given that all the cards are in near mint/mint condition.

On the 3rd picture: imakuni’s doduo can get around $10, your name’s chansey goes from $3-8, the diglett and dugtrio set is about $10-15.

4th picture down from the middle: the 2nd card over is called Masaki’s PC and can go for ~$20, the 3rd-9th cards (vending promos for Imakuni) will sell for ~$3 a pop.

Hope I could help!