Old Japanese Promo Cards

I have 5 “Vending Machine” (Pokeball symbol, e.g. this : www.pokeorder.com/japobletrswr.html)) Japanese Holos: Alakazam, Machamp, Omastar, Gengar, Golem. They appear to be in mint condition (Omastar maybe NM).
And this card: www.pokeorder.com/japotyetrswr.html and 5 other from the same set in mint.
Does anybody have an idea how much they could be worth? Pokeorder rates them quite highly, is it worth getting them graded?

Ah, Masaki Promos. These are reasonably valuable if in mint condition. Pictures would help everyone to judge the condition accurately and provide you with a price point. I’m not exactly sure of ungraded values as I don’t collect these cards, so I’ll pass the value question off to someone else. The e-card promos are also pretty valuable, but eBay is your best bet for price references instead of an online site like PokeOrder.

Let me cop a pic G. Show some fliks of the shih

I sold a few sets between $300-400, ranging in condition. Actual photos would help.

Need pictures to determine worth.

If mint the 5 masaki cards as a set between £100-200 depending on truly how mint the set was, the ecard promos for the Johto starters in mint I would say £25-40 per cards and for the kanto I would say £40-80 depending on condition

Okay. Thanks for all the replies guys. I realized the cards have some noticable stains on the front edges, so they’re not as good as I hoped.
imgur.com/a/zEPCp (I forgot to light just a few of the backs.)

They look on the top end of condition. Nice pics…