Japanese Vending Machine Cards Worth

Hey guys I’m new to the forum but I’ve been looking for a good forum to discuss old school pokemon card collecting and this seems like a great place for that.

Recently I acquired brand new Pokemon Japanese Vending Machine Series 1 and 2. Both are new on all 18 sheets. They’re currently in the mail to me. I paid $95 for series 1 and $83 for series 2. Did I get ripped off? I had difficulty figuring out how much they were worth as they’re pretty hard to find. Also I wanted to peel them off the sheets and add them to individual protectors in an ultra pro premium binder, but are they worth considerably more on the sheets than off? Also there are three ebay auctions selling series 1,2,3 on separate auctions. The cards are peeled off and there is only one of each card as opposed to the complete sheet collection which has many duplicates. They have one bid on each at $30, $30, and $40 for each series respectively. But of course they may go up considerably by the end of the auction tonight. What are these worth? Is it worth bidding on them or is it better to have all the cards including the duplicates as a set? Thanks for the help!

$95 is reasonable for series 1 and $85 for series 2 is a bit high usually sell around 70-75.

The auctions should go up to about 60-90 depending on interest. The duplicates sent worth much at all so usually don’t make sense to confuse people it’s easier to just sell as a complete set.

This is one of the best sets, I’m actually looking for a complete 18 unpeeled series 1 so if you only interested in a binder set maybe we could work out a trade or sale :blush:

Ok I was able to get the entire series 1-3 peeled. So when that comes in I’ll look it over and see if the condition is satisfactory. In the mean time I’ll consider if I’m going to hold on to series 1 or sell it. If I sell it you’ll be the first to know. Thanks!

Back in the 1990s, people were selling these for about $20 per sheet. That was for one sheet, not the entire set!

I was selling them back then for a far more reasonable $5 per sheet. Sounds like that’'s still the going price.

SInce you have all 3… you should collect vending series 1 Sheet #00 and the 5 masaki vending promos

Ya good idea! They’re just a ton of money though :confused: so I’ll have to see. What’s a good rate for each of those? The 00 sheet unsealed? And each of the masakis in NM condition?

The sheet 00 is around $75 and the masaki is around $300 a set. I recommend keeping the unpeeled sheet… Everything unpeeled and sealed > open

Sweet thanks for the tips! Ya I’m keeping series 1 and 2 unpeeled especially since i got series 1-3 unpeeled in a seperate auction and if i find 00 I will definitely keep it sealed!

If anyone has a masaki set for $300 if jump on that in a heart beat

Ah so what’s a more typical price on a Masaki set?

Not much more maybe if you collect them 1 by one by that is painstaking I’ve bed trying to track down 2 cards to complete my set and it’s a pain but a complete set doesn’t usually come up for that cheap

Ok ebay has a set for $350 but a couple cards have creases. Ugh I hate creases. Even if they were mint though I wouldn’t buy them. I spent a lot of money on pokemon cards recently and need to chill for a while. Thanks for the info.

Luckily I got a set from Scott (smpratte) for $300 in mint condition. Now to think of it… I get a lot of cards from him …

wow that’s a really good deal for a mint set i got a couple off him from ebay but they were his last ones i was told :slightly_frowning_face:

Bummer deal. What are some other great promos to collect?

For Japanese: Pokemon Pal City Promos, Lucky Stadium Promos, Coro Coro Promos, Natta Wake Promos, Pokepark Promos, Mcdonalds promos, JR Rally promos, jumbo cards, Fan Club Promos.

That’s what I’m collecting. Only collecting random unnumbered japanese promos

I mainly focus on english cards.

Sweet thanks for the ideas! I’ve been looking around at CoroCoro promos and think they’re sweet and stumbled upon a Natta Wake Pikachu and thought it was pretty sweet so really want one of those. But most of those I’ve never heard of so I’ll have to check them out after the CoroCoro and Natta Wake!

If you are interested in the pokemon pal city promos, I have a few up for sale. They’re rare to come by.