Vending Series (peeling) and slight intro.

Hi guys, I currently started collecting not so long ago, probably 1-2 months or so back due to Nostalgia. I have gotten started by acquiring some sets I saw back in the late 90’s as a kid on the now defunct site TNC-Universe (some might remember it) and drooled over them but could not buy them as I was not in the US nor did I have a Credit card as a kid, lol, I basically spent hours looking at the different Japanese Promos.

Anyways, I’m now going for the Vending Series, I have a complete Vending Series 3 (on my way) and I’m about to purchase a complete set of Vending Series 1, my question is, what is the proper way to peel them? I practiced with a Coro Coro Yadoking I had purchased unpeeled, but it seems there’s a film in the glossy part of the card that might get damaged if unpeeled correctly though I’m not 100% sure. I’m also worried about bending them or creating a crease.

Thanks guys.

I have a few neat things coming my way including the VHS Starter Set from 1999 (Blue/Green Starter Decks), a sealed CD with the Pikachu Records Promos, JR Promos from Japan (including 2 JR Surfing PIkachus), Ancient, Lilipad and Shiny Mews, Daisuki Club Promos, lots of Coro-Coro Promos and ANA Promos, etc. This is extremely addicting, only thing evading me are the Masaki Mail Away Promos, I missed on an Alakazam for 3,500 Yen today (buy it now) which made my happy mood go down the drain, lol. Glad I found this site to share and learn about this great hobby.

You are starting your collection off with a bang! Please update with photos when all these beauties arrive, I’d love to see them. I can’t help you with the peeling but I’d love to hear how to do it right from someone more knowledgeable.

Welcome to the forum! :blush: You have an amazing start! As frosty said we are all fans of pictures and photos…so feel free to show them off!

As for peeling a vending sheet, I have always pulled the backing down (near the crease where the card meets the sheet) and the card it self up. For me this gives a bit of an edge to grab instead of using my fingernail to lift the card…almost like peeling a sticker. Its a bit hard to describe.

Thanks guys! :blush:

I’ll be more than happy to upload some pics of what I currently have later today when my Camera’s battery finishes charging. Once my other stuff arrives more pics will follow.

Hadn’t thought about TNC-Universe in a long time, made me smile…I got hooked on collecting when I saw the JR brochure with the Mt Fuji Pikachu & Lilypad Mew…

As far as peeling the vending sheet cards, I’m sure it’s not the only way tp peel the cards from the backing, but I’ve had great luck with starting with the edges and applying light pressure, then I work towards the top and bottom…Once I’ve gotten the edges, then the top & bottom to release from the backing it’s preety easy to finish pulling the card up without damage… I think if you go to fast there’s a tendency for the edge to catch and cause some whiteing…

By the way, great start to your collection, you listed some very nice cards…

Here are some pics of my first arrivals, still waiting on the big lot I mentioned above so it might take a bit for them to arrive.

First off the Japanese Ancient Mews with their respective folder and Coro-Coro Promo from the movie:

Early ANA Promos as featured in the Movie Folder:

Southern Islands set as featured in the Movie Folder:

ANA Promos again in order, now in binder (missing ones on their way) with a Coro-Coro Surfing/Flying PIkachu:

Current Binder, 2 Southern Island sets in order, the rest are scattered about:

Last Pages, CD-Promos (Missing Mewtwo, Pikachu (english) and Arcanine) and 2 fillers because I had nowhere to put them, lol:

Thanks a lot mate, I’ll be sure to do that once they arrive. :blush:

Glad to hear others remember TNC Universe, same here with the lilipad Mews! Those got me hooked as well as the Surfing/Flying Pikachus.

Thanks mate, the 6239 is my all time favorite. :blush:

Happy to see there are watch enthusiasts here, so here’s something for ya since you love Omega:

Very Nice! I am envious of those ANA promos…I still have yet to round of my set of those. I love the mix of older Japanese and WOTC promo cards as well. Those were the best in my opinion :blush: Can’t wait to see what you have on the way!

On a side note, nice watch! There is an omega store near me and I always make it a point to and take a look when I go past. If I ever stop spending so much on cards, maybe one day I could afford one!

Thanks mate! :blush:

There are some ANA promos right with their original packaging on eBay going for around $20 each plus shipping.

As for the watch, go for it mate, there’s also a Speedmaster “Reduced” if you want to avoid the larger tag on the Speedmaster Moonwatch, which is a bit smaller than the Moonwatch and it’s automatic, usually sells for $800-$1,500 used.