Pokemon cards unpeeled from the "Gotta Magazine"

Hello !

I have these 2 cards unpeeled, Pikachu (french) and Mew (english) (back), from the “Gotta Magazine”, and I wonder :

Are there other Pokemon cards from this magazine (on Bulbapedia, Pikachu is the only card referenced) ?
Are the cards rare ?
How much can the cards be sold ?

Thanks :blush:

Those are the only two Pokemon cards that Gotta released that I’m aware of. They are quite rare — in fact, as you correctly point out, Bulbapedia doesn’t even seem to be aware of the existence of the Mew card.

Hard to put a price on them, since they often slip through the cracks in auctions. I’ve seen them sell for as little as $15 each on YJA.

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I sold an unpeeled Gotta Mew to a collector in Germany last August. He paid $35 including shipping from the U.S.

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So, they are quite rare but they cost nothing, the demand must be very low … :blush:

(I bought these cards 1000 Yen each on YJA few months ago ^^)