Vending Series 1997 World Hobby Fair Sheet #00

I’m trying to figure out how much this Unpeeled Sheet tends to go for (if ever as they’re quite rare).

On Jan, 2011, Unique posted their worth; = $50 - $100

On 09 Jul, 2012, there was This one on eBay which didn’t get any bidders on $75.

From Bulbapedia;
A special preview expansion sheet was available at the 7th Next Generation World Hobby Fair held in December 1997, featuring Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Mew. Officially Unnumbered Promotional cards, they are often regarded as additions to the Vending Machine collection and dubbed “Series 00”.

And please No comments about the ‘Best CD Collection’ cards! I’m sick to death of reading about them right now.

Many thanks in advance!

I remember one on Ebay about a year and a half ago selling for $60. There’s been a couple of the Vending 00 sheets on YJ over the last couple of months. I think one sold around 3200 Yen and one hasn’t sold for 4000 yen. So adding middleman charges, $50 to $60 is probably fair value. They’re somewhat difficult to find being 15 years old. Interestingly, only 1 Pikachu from the sheet has been PSA graded. Shows it was graded PSA 9…