Japanese Pokemon 1997 7th WHF Vending Sheet #00 QUESTION

So, the sheet says 1998 made in Japan. Yet it was distributed during WHF december 1997. Is this correct?
so vending sheet #00 is the special sheet of the whf, there is no other version?

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Yes, sheet 00 is a special promotional sheet to advertise for the Vending series. It was only distributed at the World Hobby Fair, or WHF for short. The cards can be found in the Best Collections CD, so it’s the unused sheet that’s valuable, not the cards.

I’m not sure on the date, but according to bulbapedia, the WHF was held on December 1997 when the sheet was distributed.

Great, thanks.

Well, I’ve put up my sheet for 200 dollars on ebay. Let’s wait and see :blush:

Let me know if it sells. I have one that I want to sell as well.

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I haven’t checked in a long time, but last I saw they sold for under $50 on eBay.

We’ll see

50 or 60 could be about right…

Yep, $40-$50 would be about right. I got mine for $12 on eBay though.

You can also get one of these sheets in the Quick Starter boxed set or “Red/Green Gift Set” as PSA calls it. Just fyi :blush:

It’s not the 00 version.


So there’s two versions with the same cards on them? Are you sure?

There’s 16 series one sheets I forget which corner has the number, but you can tell which sheet you have by that number. The WHF sheet isnt packaged in the 1997 gift box.