Help with unpeeled cards

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone can shed light on these cards. Which series are they from? It looks like it’s from the vending series but does not have the series number on it.

Thanks so much.

it’s part of vending series #1, it was only given at a special event.

1997 Vending Sheet #00 - Don’t unpeel them! They contain a Mew, Mewtwo and Pikachu, all of which can be obtained as single cards for about $8 each, that sheet is worth more unpeeled than peeled because the Mew and Mewtwo were re-printed for the Pikachu Records CD, more info here:

Thanks for the quick responses. I’ll keep them unpeeled for now.

No prob, rarest one to find is the Pikachu, the others are easily found and purchased for peanuts, you can buy a Mint one here for $10:

If you want to keep your vending sheet protected try buying one of these:

If you plan of peeling the sheet I could trade you the unpeeled sheet for the 3 cards already peeled that I had purchased separately (I ended with 2 sets of peeled cards).

Any chance your looking to sell?

I’m in Australia as well

Send me a PM. Happy to discuss. I have other unpeeled vending series with a complete first run of Series 3 if interested.

The #00 sheet is extremely rare. The last couple I bought were well over 50.00. Only one has popped up on eBay recently but the seller didn’t realize the value and it went for only 40.00 plus shipping.
Good luck with it:)