Vending Series

What would the average person pay for one sheet of vending series cards?

How about per card?

Per set?

depends which set from vending series 1 2 or 3.each sheet i seen go for about 2-5 and some have the complete set for 50+

per card depends on which one most just go for a 1-2

$2-5 per sheet?

yep per sheet vending 3 i see the most expensive

Where should I look for sheets?

It cost me a bit to finish off my vend sets. Its cheaper at times to buy them complete rather than pay ridiculous prices on some singles. It just depends, if your a bargain hunter you might be able to pull it off. I would say roughly $75 give or take for each set is appropriate.

I would look on ebay and noppin for unpeeled sheets, or ask around here. Those are your best bets. Don’t buy from collectors cache as they want $5 per sheet and you have no idea which number you will get.

@pokemontrader – It honestly depends on whether you purchase a complete set or single sheets. Mike is absolutely correct; it is usually cheaper to purchase an entire set in comparison to trying to congregate single sheets. I have observed these prices for the [Vending Series] in recent years:

:black_small_square: Single Sheet - $2 - $4

:black_small_square: Complete Set - $50 - $80

A few auctions may list an entire set for ≥$100 - I believe this is exaggerated and definitely overinflated. I myself obtained all three sets for $160 - unpeeled, no less.

Precisely :blush:

you can get lucky on ebay here and there i saw a complete vending series 3 unpeeled set going for jsut 30 shipped since the seller listed it differently so you would have to do alot of searching for cheap prices

@legendslugia251 - Is this the aforementioned auction? If yes, it is only for 6 sheets.


But if you get sheets, you get spares too?

nope not that one it was some other seller had it and was all 18 sheets of vending 3 and only 1 bid was placed.

if you get sheets yes you will have some xtras on the side

How many extras on average?
Do you think members here have spare sheets?

Also this is an opinion question
Think I should stray away from my pokemon center card collection and try to finish my VS set?

vending series 1 and 2 had 36 cards in each set and you needed all 18 sheets to complete so you get about more than 10+ xtras.some members might some still are looking for them.i had about 15 spare sheets but have sold them just last month.

in all honest if you think you can get the pokemon center cards later on in the future then do go and try to complete VS but do know it depends what your looking for in the VS series to complete it.i know many people are missing cards from f/w ones

Im not missing too many cards from VS, I think Im missing more trainers than anything
probably on average, 1 of each gym leader to go… Lance and Clair are the harder ones I need…
And only 5 holos I think I need?

Tyranitar x 2

:open_mouth: So… xD

What did you sell your spare sheets for?

i sold my spare vending 1 sheets for 4 apiece and someone brought the whole lot in matter of hours.the trainers is one issue many people have problems with since you really need to get all 3 boosters to try and pull each of the different trainers.lance and clair are the hardest and most of them are from f/w packs.

I have a Clairs Trainer! :grin::grin::grin:

So I think I might try and get vending and VS then…

I have several vending 2 and 3 sheets I might even have a full series 3 set ill have to double check

You may have gotten a PM from me :wink:

Still would like to know which is most expensive
What cards are most desireable from each set?

vending 3 i say is the most expensive.the cards that are most desireable are the ones you can not get doubles of like mewtwo poliwrath and a few others