Pokemon cards that related to Pokemon video games

Hi all. Are there any Pokemon cards that captures/are related to any scenes of the Pokemon video games?

I know Burned tower is one of them.

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Shining Gyarados at the Lake of Rage coupled nicely with the TCG and gameboy game

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Porygon Fan Club has red/blue holo slot machines
Vending Clefairy seems to be in Mt Moon and Vending Mewtwo seems to be in Cerulean Cave


Indigo plateau

The Pokémon Snap Cards would be an obvious one.


Vending Snorlax was inpsired by the Snorlax blocking the path in the game

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There are also various cards depicting trainers and Pokémon from the actual games.

The set Pokémon Rumble (Melee! Pokémon Scramble × Pokémon Card Game) is from the WiiWare game Pokemon Rumble.

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Similar to its counterpart Snorlax, the Vending/CoroCoro/Gift Poliwrath also seems to be depicted in one of the towns from the first game with the houses drawn in a similar style

All of vending series is related to the games

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Im sure there are hundreds but I agree that when they tie in the art to the games it makes the cards extra special. Thats why I love the ereaders and vs series the most

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I think some require a bit of interpretation though. I assume Pikachu is in Viridian Forest based on game location, but I’m not quite sure where Charmander and Bulbasaur are supposed to be, for instance

EDIT: I meant Squirtle but for reasons unknown typed Bulbasaur

I agree on the interpretation. The sheets specify explicitly the location in the game bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Vending_Machine_cards_(TCG)
Charmander is pretty vague but you can interpret it as outside in Pallet town in the fall. Bulbasaur is pretty explicit though. You’re in Prof oak’s lab, on the table choosing your starter. Hence the lab equipment and pokedex in the background


Pretty sure Charmander is standing on lava, not on leaves.

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Sounds like this could make a good e4 poll

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Some that I know of

League staff is the inside of a pokemon gym from swsh that I forgot the name of lmao

Feebas from darkness ablaze is in the lake at the end of route 2 in swsh out by professor Magnolia’s house

alolan persian in the ruins of alph

felicity’s drawing where she’s in the jubilife tv station

elite four + battle frontier from rse in power keepers

whole bunch of gym leader areas from gym challenge and heroes

neo genesis has sprout tower and moo moo farms from gsc and bills teleporter from rby

ruin wall from neo discovery

this drifloon has jubulife city in the bg

and this one has the valley windworks in it

this one is in front of N’s castle

this one is above several unova places including skyarrow bridge

(don’t ask me why there’s so many drifloons okay, I just knew about the one at valley windworks and looked up the other artworks while i was at it and saw them)

this is all I can think of for now. If I can think of more later or want to keep looking I’ll make another post


Ah, I didn’t know that the sheets came with the locations printed on them. That’s really cool. I thought I was being clever by trying to work out each card myself, ha.

A lot of cards in the BW set Dragons Exalted are set outside of the Unova Pokémon League and in N’s Castle. Here are some of my favorites

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A great sub topic for this thread would be cards related to pokemon movies! There are so many of those, and most of them are really great

Mysterious Fossil trainer from the fossil series for sure.